Jake Paul knocks out opponent Ryan Bourland in first-round TKO

Rory Teale
Jake Paul vs Bourland

Jake Paul delivered a brutal and quick performance on March 3 as he knocked out opponent Ryan Bourland with a first-round TKO.

Jake Paul has abandoned high-profile influencer fights to try and pursue a more conventional path towards boxing superstardom.

Jake chose his first opponent on this new journey to be the American Ryan Bourland, who came into the fight with a 17-2 record, on the Puerto Rico March 3 fight card headlined by Amanda Serrano (who ended up not being cleared to fight).

Coming into the fight fans believed Jake Paul would dispatch relatively unknown opponent Bourland with ease, but not many predicted it to be as easy as it was.

Jake finishes fight with ease in first-round

Ryan Bourland kept things interesting for the first minute of the fight, keeping Jake back with tentative jabs, but Jake Paul made it clear in the second minute of the fight that he was the better fighter.

He marched forward through the few punches that Bourland threw and started laying down a barrage of punches on his opponent.

The referee started to creep closer to the fighters and Bourland had no answer for Jake’s punches, which included some heavy body hooks that landed clean.

Bourland eventually couldn’t take any more of the brutal combinations and curled into a ball on the ropes, and the referee waved off the fight, giving Jake a first-round TKO to move his record to 9-1.

“I wanted it [the fight] to be a little bit longer,” complained Jake in the post-fight interview.

Still, Jake may get the wish for a longer fight, as rumors circulate about a potential rematch against Tommy Fury who handed the Paul brother his first-ever loss in professional boxing.

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