Francis Ngannou’s coach predicts win over Anthony Joshua & future heavyweight title

Matthew Legros
Anthony Joshua (left) and Francis Ngannou alongside coach Dewey Cooper (right) in separate sparring sessions.

Dewey Cooper believes his fighter Francis Ngannou will dominate Anthony Joshua in their upcoming mega fight and win the Undisputed Heavyweight title in only three bouts.

Cooper’s choice predictions come less than two weeks before the superstars square off on March 8.

Ngannou’s impressive battle against Tyson Fury last year proves his worth in the boxing ranks.

The former UFC champion is now out to show that he can do more than knockdown a boxing champ. He’s after a major upset win. Cooper has undying faith that he will get it done, and more.

Dewey Cooper favors Francis Ngannou’s willpower over Anthony Joshua’s

Cooper envisions Ngannou hurting Joshua on fight night. He characterized the 37-year-old’s strength as being on “another astral plane of power.”

The striking coach revealed that Ngannou has been chopping wood like boxing greats Muhammad Ali and Jack Johnson to enhance his knockout force.

On top of that, Ngannou’s willpower has impressed behind the scenes. But Cooper knows that Joshua won’t be pushed over, as he told Fruity Slots on February 1:

“This is going to be fire versus fire and battle of wills to win and intestinal fortitude and Francis will ultimately have more intestinal fortitude, a stronger will and he will win this fight and shock the world again,” Cooper boldly predicted. “He’s going to do unscripted, improbable things, like knocking out a two time heavyweight champion.”

Considering Ngannou was able to score his knockdown against Lineal Heavyweight Champion Fury in his debut, Cooper sees no reason why he can’t replicate or exceed that against the British former champion.

The Cameroonian fighter also has Mike Tyson’s support. The former knockout specialist is viewed as Joshua’s Kryptonite.

Tyson’s longstanding relationship with Ngannou has already paid dividends. It will help against a fighter in Joshua who’s been knocked for his chin.

Should Ngannou defeat Joshua, he’d likely have a shot at the loser of Fury’s upcoming fight against Oleksandr Usyk. Capturing the lineal title in such a short amount of time would be one of the most impressive achievements in modern sports history.

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