Battlefield V: Every vehicle in Firestorm explained

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In comparison to other battle royale games, Battlefield V Firestorm is adding extra emphasis to vehicles. Tanks, helicopters and even a tractor are just some of the ways to traverse the vast landscape of Halvoy.

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Firestorm Vehicles

The vehicles, and how you use them, will play an important role in Firestorm. There are new vehicles which have been made specifically for Firestorm, while others will be familiar from the Battlefield V multiplayer game.

Some vehicles, such as the sports car and tractor, are less effective at roaming Halvoy. They are more of a take if only necessary vehicle, or if you like the risk.

The best vehicles such as powerful tanks will be found in vehicle lock ups. These can be accessed quicker while playing with a squad. 

While vehicles do give you an advantage, the mechanics have been carefully managed so they aren’t overpowered. Vehicles require fuel and towable weapons come with a limited ammo supply.

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Combat tanks are a powerful weapon in Firestorm, and a lot of fun too…

Combat vehicles (tanks)

The premium vehicles in Battlefield Firestorm are combat vehicles. They can also add a towable weapon in the form of a FlaK 38 and PaK 40.

  • Churchill Mk VII – Only found in Vehicle Lockup Objectives, the British military used this tank’s weapons and armor to send the Axis scurrying. It also spits hot fire from the flamethrower built on the chassis. Fill the driver and three gunner seats to take advantage of this behemoth’s full arsenal.
  • Panzer 38(t) – A light tank that no one would call “light” to its face, this riveted armor hulk holds a crew of three: a driver and two gunners. It can only be found in Vehicle Lockups.
  • Panzer IV – A tank ubiquitous on the German WW2 frontlines and a soon-to-be Firestorm favorite, pack a full squad to do the most damage. There’s enough room for a driver and three gunners. You’ll find it in Vehicle Lockups and as a Reinforcement.
  • Staghound T17E1 – Compact and versatile, this vehicle is a great way to flush enemies out of buildings without having to go in. Filling the driver and three gunner seats brings the most impact. It can be found in Vehicle Lockups and as a Reinforcement.
  • Tiger I – A nearly indestructible colossus of a tank. Do some serious damage by packing the driver and three gunner seats. This beast will only be found in Vehicle Lockup Objectives.
  • Valentine Mk VIII – Strong, reliable, and powerful. This tank fits a driver and turret gunner for additional heat. It also is only found in Vehicle Lockup Objectives.

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Armored vehicles

Armored vehicles aren’t as strong as tanks but do offer increased mobility. All of the below provide some form of attack and because of their speed allow you to go from squad to squad if you’re the type to look for battles.

  • Kubelwagen – A quick armored car with a mounted turret, which fits up to three, a driver, passenger, and rear machine gunner.
  • M3 Halftrack – The Kubelwagen’s older sibling, it packs in four: a driver and three gunners.
  • Sd. Kfz 251 Halftrack – The Kubelwagen’s other older sibling, but slimmer than the Halftrack. It can also bring four to a fight: a driver and three gunners.
  • Universal Carrier – A light armored track vehicle that’s cramped but can hold its own with a good machine gunner. This transport carries three soldiers and is only found scattered on Halvøy.

The Prototype Helicopter will get you from A to B quickly in Halvoy, soldiers can fire from it also…
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Firestorm-only transport

These vehicles appear only in Firestorm. Some of these aren’t as effective as combat vehicles but do provide a means of transport. Sometimes it’s good to jump in a sports car or tractor in the middle of an intense battle too.

  • Prototype Helicopter – Intelligence reports detailed sightings of a single-seat rotorcraft with room for three additional passengers. Soldiers have also been seen firing personal weapons from the vehicle.
  • Kettenkrad – One day, a motorcycle married a halftrack and gave birth to the Kettenkrad. It’s a deceptively sturdy machine with room for a driver and passenger, and can be found in the wild and as a Reinforcement.
  • Pickup Truck – These vehicles can pack a whole squad; they’re found throughout Halvøy and can be driven with no respect for traffic laws.
  • Schwimmwagen – Pile in a full squad, put a buddy on the gunner, and watch them squirm as you drive into the water with this amphibious vehicle. Commonly found near water, they are also available as a Reinforcement.
  • Sports Car – Sure it only fits two soldiers, but you’ll be two really fast soldiers. These are parked at random in Halvøy and available as a Reinforcement.
  • Staff Car – If you weren’t being chased by a fiery death, we’d advise you to garage this vehicle and sell it at auction one day. For now, put a full squad in it and drive it away or into enemies. Parked in the wild, it’s available as a Reinforcement.
  • Tractor – These modest vehicles are used for all types of agricultural work on Halvøy. There’s no reason why anyone in their right mind should use it for anything else.

Source: Firestorm vehicles

The half boat, half car featured in the Firestorm trailer, known as the “Schwimmwagen”
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More vehicles to come?

While vehicles are useful, and perhaps even a necessity at times, to survive the Firestorm, it’s best not to become too dependent on them. Eventually, you are going to have to win fights on foot.

It has also been guaranteed that Firestorm will expand after launch. That means we can look forward to more features and improvements in the coming weeks and months. It also keeps open the possibility of more vehicles to be added to the 17 available now.

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