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Everything we know about Ubisoft’s Project Q: beta sign-ups, battle royale, and NFTs

Published: 23/Apr/2022 19:08 Updated: 23/Apr/2022 19:23

by Shay Robson


Ubisoft has unveiled they’re working on a new team battle arena game codenamed Project Q. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming title.

Ubisoft has previously tried to offer the world its own vision of battle royale with Hyper Scape. The project was unsuccessful, as its player count dropped off very quickly, and the servers are set to be shut down on April 28, 2022.

However, this doesn’t seem to have deterred Ubisoft as they are already working on a new game that is rumored to feature a battle royale. Not only that, but it will also come with a traditional, competitive multiplayer component.



hyper scape character posing with gun
Ubisoft will be praying that Project Q goes a bit better than Hyper Scape did.

Ubisoft unveils Project Q battle arena

In an April 23 tweet, Ubisoft officially announced Project Q – a team battle arena that’ll “let players truly own the experience,” – after leaks emerged days prior.

As noted by the developers, the game is in early development so all we can do for now is register for upcoming playtests.

Is there a Project Q release date?

Currently, there’s no release date set for Ubisoft’s Project Q. With the developers noting that the game is in “early development,” we can assume it’ll be a little while till we get an indication of when the game will release.

However, according to Ubisoft, the public will be able to get their hands on the new title in the form of playtests. More on that below.


Will Project Q be a battle royale?

Despite claims from credible leaker Tom Henderson that Project Q will feature a mode called “Showdown,” which is the game’s take on a Battle Royale consisting of only four teams of two players, the devs have since shut down speculations.

“By the way, this is not a Battle Royale,” Ubisoft wrote on Twitter. “The game will feature a variety of PvP modes with one single goal in mind: FUN!”

The second mode is supposedly named “Battle Zone,” according to Henderson where “players need to reach 100 points in order to win with two teams of four players.”

How to sign up for Project Q playtests

As revealed by Ubisoft, Project Q is still in its early stages of development. However, you can potentially get your hands on the new battle arena sooner than you think.


Players can sign-up for the future playtests by following the steps below:

  1. Head to the Ubisoft Project Q sign-up page.
  2. Choose your preferred platform.
  3. Sign in or create your Ubisoft account.

Will there be NFTs in Project Q?

After Ubisoft’s first experiment with implementing Ubisoft Quartz NFTs into their games, the developers have confirmed there are no current plans for Quartz to be added to their new battle arena.

“We don’t have plans to add NFTs to this game, you can find out more by registering and taking part in the upcoming tests,” they said.

That’s all we know about Ubisoft’s Project Q. For more on upcoming game releases, check out other guides below:

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