ALGS pro quits Apex Legends after abusive messages go public

Alex Garton
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Sixteen-year-old Apex Legends pro Jaeden ‘Caprah’ Valle has stepped back from competitive play after abusive messages he wrote about fellow pro Nicholas ‘sSikezz‘ Odom were leaked.

Talented young Apex Legends pro Caprah will no longer be attending the ALGS Playoffs in London or competing in Split 2 after a string of abusive messages he sent was made public.

The screenshot of a conversation over Discord shared on January 5 shows Caprah making a number of derogatory and offensive comments toward XSET player Sikezz.

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This Twitter post sparked responses from some of the biggest pros in the Apex scene including Reps, ImperialHal, Monsoon, and Apryze.

Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith said he’s never heard “anything good about this kid outside of his mechanics” and that it’s such a “waste of his skill”.

Following this, Caprah’s Esports Arena teammate Nathan ‘Lewda’ Dias took to Twitter to reveal this wasn’t the first time they’ve had to deal with the 16-year-old’s toxicity as a team.

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According to them, they tried to “solve this quietly like 6x” but ultimately they felt that Caprah needed to learn that “actions have consequences”.

While they were cautious about leaking the DMs and didn’t want to want to “ruin a kid’s life”, they thought that the lesson it would teach him would be positive in the long run.

Caprah apologizes for comments

On January 6, Caprah made a Twitter post apologizing for his actions and revealed that he will “no longer be attending the upcoming London event” and likely “won’t play competitive apex ever again”.

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Speaking on his actions over the past year, the young pro said “sorry to everyone who believed in me” and made it clear that he will “own up to the mistakes”.

TSM pro player Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen did take the time to remind Caprah that his career isn’t over and that he’s “welcome to playing with me whenever on stream because I do believe you’ll change”.

He made it clear to the 16-year-old that “if you continue to stream and prove your improvement as a person, people will have no choice but to give you a chance again”.

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For now, Caprah has made it clear that he will be stepping away from competitive Apex Legends permanently. It’s unclear whether or not he will continue to stream Respawn’s battle royale on Twitch.

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