Wild Apex Legends phantom glitch turns full teams into Mirage decoys

Dropping in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

A strange bug has been discovered in Apex Legends that causes players to see “phantom” players dropping into the game.

According to the community, Apex Legends has been a hotbed for bugs over the past few months.

Respawn Entertainment‘s battle royale can’t catch a break in the face of strange glitches. 

One player is adding to the growing list of community concerns as they have experienced something they are describing as phantoms.

Dropping in Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment
When dropping into the battle players would normally have reactive thrusters, the “phantoms” don’t have that or anything else.

Apex Legends player discovers “phantom” glitch

Redditor Willawonka posted a clip to the forum-based platform on April 20, 2022, showing him playing your average Apex Legends trios match.

His team traveled to a nearby replicator to transfer their materials in exchange for newly crafted items, but then the player noticed something over in the distance.

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Dropping from the sky in almost a loop-like fashion is something that Willawonka has described as phantoms.

The phantom glitches appeared to look like players dropping in from being respawned by a fellow teammate, but these figures never actually dropped.

Furthermore, there isn’t any noise or smoke from the drop thrusters to indicate that these are actual player respawns. Creepy.

Wanting other forum members to give their opinion on the wild glitch, the Redditor asked: “Has anyone ever gotten this bug? Phantom people falling is creating peak anxiety. I’m not crazy.”

One person commented on the situation, drawing from their experience of dealing with phantom noises, saying: “I haven’t gotten this bug, but I have heard a lot of phantom Octane footsteps every now and then”.

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While a lot of players haven’t experienced the “phantom” glitch in this exact fashion, it seems that the glitch is taking many forms within Apex Legends.

As the crazy amount of bugs continues to rise in Apex, one has to believe that Respawn Entertainment will look to address at least one of the issues in the next update.