Where to find Bridge Keycard on Olympus in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends players exploring Olympus in Season 12 will hit a hurdle when trying to access the Icarus Bridge without a Keycard. Here we show you exactly where the Bridge Keycard can be found in the game.

Like other vaulted entryways in Apex, players need a key to access these high-tier loot zones that can generally be found lying somewhere nearby.

People dropping onto Olympus will be crowding these areas, so it’s best to know exactly what you’re looking for and where in order to get ahead of the lobby.

Getting access to the Icarus ship’s valuable loot will surely attract attention so here’s how to make sure your team is the first to find the keycard.

Olympus Icarus ship Bridge Keycard

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Apex Legends players will need a Bridge Keycard to access Icarus’ high-tier loot.

Inside the Icarus ship, Apex players will be greeted with a gruesome scene as bodies litter the floor.

Luckily for players, though, finding the bodies means you’re on the right track for a Bridge Keycard.

While it doesn’t always spawn in the same place, Bridge Keycards can be found on the floor near one of the fallen scientists on the ship.

Once you locate it, add it to your inventory like any other ground loot item. Once you stash the item away, the bridge location will be added to your map.

apex legends icarus bridge keycard

It’ll take a couple of seconds to open the Icarus Bridge, so beware of campers who could be laying in wait to strike unsuspecting looters.

High-tier loot zones like Icarus will always get attention, so make sure you clear the area once you have the goods in your backpack.