What is the Legend Bonus in Apex Legends Season 1?

Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have once again stormed the game ever since Season 1 patch release on March 19, which introduced Legend Bonus XP rewards after a game.

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The start of Season 1 also released the long-await Battle Pass for the title. Now players have tons of tiers to grind their way through for the game’s horde of exclusive loot.

To make the climb a bit easier, Respawn Entertainment introduced Legend Bonuses for players to collect by using different Legends throughout each play session each day.

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Respawn Entertainment
The Battle Pass has incredible rewards to earn, but it’ll take a lot of grinding.

The bonus lets players collect a massive amount of experience toward their level based on how long they survived in the game for.

“Playing with different Legends give a bonus based on your survival time, up to 25,000 Battle Pass Points per Legend each week,” the Apex Legends description reads.

With the inclusion of the newest Legend Octane, players who are hard-pressed to max out XP on every character can get a whopping 225,000 XP a week toward their Battle Pass progress.

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Respawn Entertainment
The Legend Bonus has potential to dishing out loads of XP.

Players need an insane amount of XP to level up their Battle Pass, which could make the Legend Bonus a key factor in moving up the tiers.

The Legend Bonus can be an incredible incentive for players to try out different Legends. The bonus could ultimately lead to a better playing experience for many since familiarizing oneself with every trick that characters bring to the battle could be crucial information to have in a skirmish.

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Respawn know they put out a mountain to climb with their Battle Pass, which might be why they added significant boosts to help along the way.