How much is the Season 1 Apex Legends Battle Pass really worth?

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An Apex Legends player has calculated exactly how much the Season One Battle Pass is worth in Apex Coins.

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Fans of Apex Legends have been waiting for the game’s first season to kick off almost since its original release on February 4. At last, the wait is almost over, with the inaugural season launching at 10 AM PST (1 PM EST, 5 PM GMT) on March 19.

One of the most anticipated elements of the season is the Battle Pass, which will give players the chance to work towards a variety of rewards.

Unfortunately, the reveal of the Battle Pass has been met with some rather disappointed reactions, with many fans criticizing the underwhelming rewards.

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Respawn EntertainmentSeason One will also come with a new Legend, Octane.

To help you decide whether or not the Battle Pass is really worth it, one fan, u/DarthSartoris, did the math to figure out exactly how much you can earn with the Battle Pass in Apex Coin value compared to how much it costs to purchase.

The Season One Battle Pass costs 950 Apex Legends coins to purchase. In order to unlock all of the rewards, players must then work towards level 100 within the three-month season. Assuming you reach level 100, you’ll unlock the following items.

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  • 1000 x Apex Coins
  • 20 x rare weapon skins
  • 1 x epic weapon skin
  • 3 x rare character skins
  • 9 x stat trackers
  • 9 x intro quips
  • 9 x rare banner frames
  • 5 x Apex Packs
  • 1 x Epic Apex Pack
  • 1 x Legendary Apex Pack
  • 1 x Legendary weapon skin

While the 1000 Apex Coins are self-explanatory, the value of the rest of the rewards take some calculating. Apex Packs can be purchased at a value of 100 Apex Coins each, and so in total add 700 coins worth of value.

In addition, Legendary weapon skins can be bought directly from the store at a price of 1800 Apex Coins each. The rest of the items are a little more complicated to value, however.

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If you were to unlock all 51 of the remaining cosmetic items instead by buying Apex Packs, each of which offers three items, then you’d need to buy a minimum of 17 packs to unlock this many items, adding 1700 Apex Coins of value to the total.

Alternatively, the direct value of each Common, Rare, or Epic item can be deduced by comparing the costs of crafting each rarity tier with Crafting Metals. While non-Legendary items cannot be bought directly, doing so gives the exact coin value each would be worth if it were sold directly for coins rather than being reliant on the luck of packs.

Players who want a head start on levelling up can also buy a bundle to unlock 25 levels instantly.
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If the latter method is in fact used, then the 51 items are worth significantly more – 4290 Apex Coins. This brings the total value of the Battle Pass to a massive 7790 Apex Coins. The full workings and explanation of u/DarthSartoris can be found in their original post.

To put that into perspective in real money, a bundle of 6,700 Apex Coins costs $59.99. Comparatively, the 1000 Coin bundle that will cover the initial cost of the Battle Pass costs $9.99.

While such calculations are unlikely to silence criticism of the actual content of the rewards, it may go some way towards convincing players that they are at least getting their money’s worth in the context of the game’s store.