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Apex Legends

What does first Apex Legends teaser mean for Season 4?

Published: 22/Jan/2020 9:45

by Matt Porter


Apex Legends Season 4 kicks off on February 4, and with less than a fortnight until the big update, the first teaser has arrived above the map, with a mysterious ship appearing in the sky.

Players who hopped into World’s End on January 21 may have noticed some bright lights in the sky, as what looks like a ship came into view through the clouds, and looks to be plummeting towards the ground to coincide with the start of Season 4.

What this ship actually means for the new season has yet to be confirmed by Respawn Entertainment, but thanks to leaks, we already have a few ideas as to what could happen when the vessel finally makes contact with World’s End.


A player aiming towards the Apex Legends Season 4 teaser.
Respawn Entertainment
The mysterious lights appeared in the sky on January 21.

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Bringing a new Legend?

A ship heading towards the ground is likely to be carrying something of value, and what’s more valuable to Apex Legends than a new character for players to use in search of victories? So far, each new season of the popular battle royale title has added someone new, and leaks suggest we can expect another to appear to kick off Season 4.

According to leaks, Revenant and Forge are the most likely candidates to be added in the game, so it’s possible that one of them is commandeering the ship as they prepare to make the grandest of entrances to the Apex Games.


Leaked Revenant model from Apex Legends.
Respawn Entertainment
Revenant is expected to be one of the next characters added to the game.

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Could it destroy World’s End?

For many, the prospect of returning to the game’s original map named Kings Canyon is a welcome one, with plenty of excitement from fans when a special limited-time mode took them back at the beginning of Season 3. Fan theories have suggested that we could end up back there, and perhaps this ship is how this will come to fruition.

The ship could collect all the Legends and return them to the original arena, or could crash into the ground, causing destruction and carnage that forces the characters to escape back to the relative safety of Kings Canyon, away from the damage caused by the explosion.


An explosion on Apex Legends' World's End map.
Respawn Entertainment
The map could be destroyed if the ship crash-lands.

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Carrying supplies?

Another possibility is that there is nobody actually on the ship, and instead is bringing a host of new items for players to wield while in combat during Season 4.

Dataminers have already revealed that the Volt SMG from the Titanfall franchise, which was also developed by Respawn, is in the game’s files and set to debut, so it’s possible that this ship could be full of these weapons, and perhaps other goodies, to help players create some new carnage in the future.

What this teaser really means remains a mystery though, and fans will have to wait for the developers to drop more clues before any accurate predictions can be made. The next teaser is expected on January 23, so we won’t have long to wait to see what happens next.