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“Unplayable” Apex Legends bug causing UI to completely disappear

Published: 2/Sep/2020 23:52

by Bill Cooney


A new bug popping up in Apex Legends is causing players UI to randomly disappear during matches, making the game much more difficult, if not outright impossible to play.

In most FPS games, a UI showing information like ammunition, equipment, and health, is considered absolutely essential, and something that players quickly get accustomed too after a few runs.

Unless you’re playing something like a Call of Duty hardcore playlist, players expect to have this information available, which is why this new Apex Legends bug can be so annoying.

Not having any readouts on-screen does make one wonder how a hardcore mode would work in Apex, but it’s definitely not something you want to happen during a regular match.


No UI Bug makes the game unplayable from apexlegends

In the clip above from Reddit user Zerk_Daniels, the player starts out with a regular UI, but it starts to stutter in and out, disappearing at random times, possibly when they look in a certain direction.

The minimap in the upper left is basically the only thing that’s left when the glitch happens, so at the very least it doesn’t leave him flying completely blind, but he’s still not working with much.

“What isn’t included in the video is that you also can’t ping, because you can’t see where,” Zerk added. “Your health doesn’t show, you can’t see if you’re jumpmaster, text chat is invisible and also your inventory and healing wheel don’t show up making it impossible to know any useful information you need in the game.”


“It seems to happen much more on Kings Canyon than World’s Edge. The bug came up with the launch on Season 6 and really ruins the fun for me and other people that experience the same problem.”

Wattson, Bangalore and Octane from Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
This Apex Legends UI glitch is basically a legendary-difficulty mode no one asked for.

The odd thing is that you could still switch weapons, throw your grenades, and use abilities, but not being able to communicate with your team other than voice chat is definitely a massive handicap. Just think about how many times you ping the map during a round; now, imagine not being able to do that at all.

There’s no clear-cut way to tell what causes this bug to flare up and when, so if you’re running around on Kings Canyon, be prepared for it to suddenly strike at any moment. Until Respawn Entertainment address it, looks like some players will have to deal with a hardcore mode no one asked for.