This Apex Legends Planet Coaster theme park is so good it could be a map

Apex Legends theme park Amber Rock Station in Planet

An Apex Legends fan dedicated more than a year to build a Planet Coaster theme park that combines all of the various Battle Royale maps into one thrilling land of adventure and the final result is beyond good.

There have been all kinds of Apex Legends fan content on the internet since the game was released back in 2019. From unbelievable cosplay to model weapons, just about anything you can imagine is out there somewhere.

Of all the wacky things that have been designed, this map mashup featuring bits of Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, Olympus, and Storm Point takes players on a ride like no other.

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Apex Legends superfan designs a theme park that’s good enough to be its own map

The park, Amber Rock Station, is designed by DoxNotch and aimed to incorporate a little bit of each battlefield and Legend into its core. From Gibby’s Gyro to Valkyrie’s Pilot Academy, every character up to Mad Maggie gets their own attraction of some kind.

After taking a closer look around the premises, there are a lot of ideas that would work beautifully for an LTM mode where players get to spend some fighting their way around the course, activating rides as traversal and escape tools when things get too chaotic.

While the track was initially previewed in a Reddit post, the complete overview is embedded below for ease of viewing.

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When talking about his experience, DoxNotch explained that building something this colossal was both difficult and satisfying.

“This project took me nearly a year and a half to design and construct and I’m so stoked with how it turned out,” the YouTuber said. “I took elements from every map and fused them together to make something that I think is unmistakably Apex, but also new and unique!”

It’s unlikely that Respawn would add this design directly into the game for a number of reasons. Still, it would certainly be cool to make a stop at Loba’s Cruiser Cocina before hitting Octane’s Oxtravaganza for a little bit of death-defying fun.

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