How to wall run in Apex Legends

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A new movement mechanic has been discovered in Apex Legends, allowing players to effectively wall run with any character, taking inspiration from Respawn’s other title, Titanfall.

When Apex Legends first launched, there was some disappointment among Titanfall fans that the battle royale game wouldn’t feature wall-running, jetpacks or Titans.

The developers explained that they had dabbled with these features, but after testing, decided they didn’t work well for the battle royale experience.

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wall running in titanfallRespawn Entertainment
Wall running movement from Titanfall was tested in Apex, but never added.

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However, that hasn’t stopped some dedicated Apex players from finding a way to use the game’s natural movement mechanics to wall run, even if only for short distances.

The trick makes use of the climbing feature in Apex, which allows players to scale small buildings. By turning your aim slightly off-angle, and pretty much running backwards as you hit the wall, your character will stick to it for a few seconds.

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The most useful part is the large jump that is granted when jumping out of the wall run motion, which can actually be put to good use in-game. YouTuber The Gaming Merchant provides a full explanation:

How to Wall Run in Apex

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It’s important to first slide and jump onto the wall, and then use your aim and movement keys to keep momentum. A step-by-step guide for wall running in Apex Legends:

  1. Sprint towards a wall
  2. Slide and then jump onto the wall
  3. Turn your aim slightly to face the wall, while running in the opposite direction
  4. At the end of the wall run, jump while turning your aim the direction you’re jumping.

The Gaming Merchant does note that using Revenant is not the best choice, because he cannot perform the wall jump like other legends.

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Many advanced Apex Legends players are already aware of the wall jumping trick in isolation, but the YouTuber shows that combining it with a wall run is for more effective, as more momentum is built up.

The technique might not have been totally intended by the developers, but it simply uses the mechanics naturally in the game, and is not an exploit.

It does require some practice, though, and it’s recommended to get used to the timing and the movement in the firing range area, before attempting it in a real game setting.

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