Strongest super jump exploit in Apex Legends has been discovered

Super jump exploitRespawn Entertainment

A new super jump exploit has been discovered in Apex Legends and it’s capable of launching players at a velocity of over 2,400.

While the gunplay, Legends, and maps are massively important parts of Apex, one of the most praised aspects of the game is its unique movement.

Whether it’s super jumping, wall bouncing, or tap-strafing, players love learning all of the advanced mechanics and tricks related to movement.

Although the majority of these techniques are permitted to be used in-game, there are some that cross the line and are deemed exploits.

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Well, a recently discovered super jump mechanic certainly falls under this category, as it’s capable of launching players with a similar amount of power to a Gravity Cannon.

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Season 14 of Apex Legends is expected to launch in early August.

New super jump exploit is equivalent to a Gravity Cannon

As showcased by Apex Legends YouTuber Skeptation and discovered by Reddit user yagsiakim, it’s possible to super jump at a velocity of over 2,400.

To put it in perspective, the initial boost from sliding into an Octane Jump Pad is 1150 total velocity, whereas the Gravity Cannons peak at around 2750.

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This means this technique is almost equivalent to a Gravity Cannon boost and can be used anywhere on the map, which is why it’s such a strong exploit.

Luckily, this movement exploit is incredibly hard to execute and takes so much to set up with various keybinds and ziplines, that it’s unlikely players will use it in Ranked or PUBS.

Either way, there’s no denying how powerful this super jump could be in certain situations, especially if it’s used to aggressively push the position of an enemy squad.

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The raw speed that the exploit generates would make it impossible to track the incoming movement of a player, making it easy to land nearby and one clip and an entire squad.

Keep in mind, Respawn has been cracking down on players that use exploits in-game, so using this glitch may result in your account being banned.

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