Apex Legends devs finally ship Xbox input lag fix

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Apex Legends devs have finally pushed a fix for the Xbox input lag issues that have been making the game unplayable for some console players.

The Awakening Collection event arrived in Apex Legends on June 21, introducing the Lifeline Town Takeover, Control, and of course, Valkyrie’s incredible Suzaku Heirloom.

While all of these features were praised by the community, the update did cause some major problems, with a lot of Xbox players suddenly experiencing huge amounts of input lag.

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Unfortunately, this made the game “unplayable” for a lot of Xbox users who simply couldn’t compete due to serious performance issues.

Well, two weeks later, Respawn has finally confirmed that a fix is on its way — and it’s live as of July 5.

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Xbox input lag has been a major issue since Season 13 went live.

Xbox input lag issues are finally getting fixed in Apex Legends

As showcased by Apex Legends YouTuber The Gaming Merchant, there’s been a significant update from the devs in relation to the Xbox input lag issues.

After countless complaints from the community, Respawn has finally found a solution to the performance issues on Xbox and pushed it live in a July 5 patch.

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“We just pushed a small update to [Apex Legends] to help address issues with input lag on Xbox Series X and S consoles,” Respawn said on Twitter. “Thank you for your patience here, legends.”

With the fix now live, Xbox players shouldn’t face nearly as much input lag as they were following recent updates.

However, what still might be a challenge is hit reg, which players believe is at its worst in Season 13.

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