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Simple Rampart crafting buff would turn her into powerful Apex Legends builder

Published: 4/Jan/2021 7:06

by Brad Norton


Since Rampart was introduced to the Apex Legends lineup in Season 6, she hasn’t quite found her footing among the most powerful characters, though this new buff would be a great step in the right direction.

When it comes to buffing and nerfing Legends, a step too far could see certain characters either leading the charge or in the bin for entire seasons. We’ve seen it countless times with balancing updates over the years.

Smaller tweaks are often what Respawn Entertainment goes for until more drastic overhauls are well and truly set to go. With Rampart, one of the newest characters in the game, it’s clear she could use a little push. Though too much of a buff would certainly be problematic.


Balancing that fine line can be quite a challenge. A fresh idea that leans into her story could just be exactly what Rampart needs to excel in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Rampart gameplay
Respawn Entertainment
Rampart hasn’t made the strongest impression since release, but these changes could nudge her in the right direction.

Crafting came into the battle royale right alongside Rampart in Season 6. As a result, the crafty modder could do with more benefits in this regard. One such idea from Reddit user ‘DJ_Wakki’ would be to improve her resourcefulness.

Rather than collecting 25 materials at stations across the map, Rampart should be able to “salvage more” and grab 35 instead. This would allow her to craft more powerful items earlier into each and every game, giving her a unique leg up over the other Legends in the process.


The next idea piggybacks off the first mechanic and looks to buff her efficiency at any Replicator. It currently takes 10 seconds to craft any item in the game. Regardless of which Legend you’re playing is, this time stays consistent.

Perhaps Rampart would be a great option to break that trend with though. “When Rampart replicates something, it should be done quicker compared to every other Legend,” they added.

Rampart Buff Idea – what do you reckon? from apexlegends

Rather than buffing her existing abilities and going overboard with her power, these slight adjustments could just make her a more viable pick. They wouldn’t outright break the state of balance, nor would they make Rampart an instant-lock for every game.


Though Rampart is clearly in need of something and these ideas could just be the perfect fit. Not only do they fit with her lore, but they provide a unique advantage that no other Legend could quite match.