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Simple Octane trick makes his grenades way more powerful in Apex Legends

Published: 1/Jun/2019 23:26 Updated: 2/Jun/2019 0:01

by Eli Becht


Despite being out for several months now, many players are still discovering Apex Legends tricks, such as this one that allows you to throw grenades further as Octane just by using his Stim ability.

Octane is the newest Legend to come to Apex, meaning players have spent the least amount of time with him – which means there are still numerous ins and outs to be learned with the character.

Even some of the most seasoned Apex Legends players might not realize that coupling Octane’s Stim ability with grenade throwing actually allows you to chuck a grenade much farther than usual.

Respawn EntertainmentOctane is the newest Legend.

Steroids and grenades are a great combo

As it turns out, using a combo of his Stim ability and grenades provides devastating results, and could allow you to pull off a play you would usually think is impossible.

This tactic was pointed out by Reddit user Michael_D6 and confirmed by others in the replies, claiming that Octane does, indeed throw his grenades further while under the effects of the juice.

The description of Octane’s Stim ability only mentions that he moves 30% faster for six seconds and nothing else. Players also discovered that he is able to scale walls faster than usual. 

When you couple this with his Launch Pad Ultimate, Octane very easily rivals Pathfinder as one of the more mobile Legends in the game and makes a great addition to any squad.

Twitch: shroudShroud says he has played the new Legend.

Who’s coming after Octane?

Season 2 of Apex Legends will be bringing a variety of new content including map changes, new weapons and a new Legend.

The new Legend is something that will get fans most excited, and Twitch streamer shroud says he has played the new character, but warns that fans shouldn’t get their hopes up too high.

While Respawn never actually confirmed who the new Legend is, many signs are pointing towards it being Wattson.

All of our questions about Season 2 could be answered as soon as EA Play 2019, where Respawn will be unveiling what to expect in Season 2.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Halloween Fight or Fright event: Shadow Royale, Skins, more

Published: 20/Oct/2020 16:15 Updated: 20/Oct/2020 18:01

by Calum Patterson


It’s that time of year again, when Halloween comes to gaming, and Respawn are bringing their spooky theme back to Apex Legends. The Fight or Fright event comes with a collection of scary skins, and a new twist on the last year’s Shadowfall LTM, now called Shadow Royale.

Just like Warzone’s “Haunting of Verdansk” event, the map will be getting another makeover, and players will get a chance to play as new and improved ‘Shadows’ in the Shadow Royale mode.

Last year’s Shadowfall LTM went down a treat: not only did we get to see (and hear) Revenant for the first time, it was a brilliant twist of the standard battle royale gameplay.

Also, to make sure you look the part, lots of Halloween-themed skins are coming to the store. Many of them are similar to last year’s though with fresh colors, but there’s also brand new ones for the new Legends that have been added since last October.

Fight or Fright Event trailer

Shadow Royale LTM

In the Shadow Royale mode, players will play as both normal Legends, as well as drop-in as Shadows once eliminated. Shadows are now more deadly than before in some ways, as they can now wallrun and double jump (Titanfall players rejoice).

Plus, rather than just playing in Solos, there’s Shadow Squads, where teammates remain as Shadows as long as one Legend remains alive.

Then there’s Final Death, when the final Legend dies, all shadows die too. We also see Shadow Prowlers, what role they will play remains to be seen, but they’re attacking the remaining Legends in the trailer.

Wallrunning in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Wallrunning, just like Titanfall, is finally in Apex Legends – but only if you’re a Shadow.

Apex Legends Halloween skins

These skins are being dubbed ‘resurrected’, pretty much meaning they are recolors of previous skins from last year’s Fight or Fright event.

Eight bundles will be included in total, on a two week rotation. The first set for October 22 – 27:

Apex Legends halloween bundle

And then the next bundle rotation from October 27 – November 3.

Fight or Fright bundles

Additionally, individual Halloween-themed skins will be available to purchase throughout the event.

Fight or Fright skins store

There’s also a Haunting prize track, which will run for the full two weeks as well. Complete Revenant’s challenges and you’ll unlock these exclusive rewards.

Fight or Fright event prize track

The Fight or Fright event runs from Thursday, October 22, to November 3, just in time for the expected launch of Season 7 on November 10.