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Simple Apex Legends buffs that would make Mozambique a lot more viable

Published: 29/May/2020 1:06

by Alan Bernal


The Mozambique has long been one of the most downplayed weapons in Apex Legends, and if the Respawn devs were looking to make improvements, they could start at enhancing its clip and fire pattern.

The three-pellet shot that comes out of the triple-barrel gun doesn’t quite add to the weapon’s effectiveness unless it’s being used in very specific scenarios at the start of a match, or when catching a person unawares.

Even when a Legend manages to connect on the hits, the small damage output coupled with the even smaller clip size can quickly put players in a precarious situation if they don’t take someone down to loot their deathbox.


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It’s because of this fact that user ‘rwp80’ thought to change up the spray pattern from its triangular shape to a more tight-knit shot.

“How to fix the Mozambique once and for all: change [the pointless pellets that always miss,]” rwp80 said before going on to explain their concept, showing one pellet going to the head and two near each other toward the body. “To this: Makes the Mozambique viable at close/medium range without being overpowered.”

Respawn Entertainment
The Mozambique isn’t as powerful as some players would like it.

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The upgrade would be more aligned to a given Legends’ character model. Though the spray can be considerably tightened while aiming down the sights, rwp80’s design makes it more likely to hit a target.


However, the suggested improvement would only go as far as the magazine’s size. They recommend fixing the size of the clip to let players dish out more damage per reload.

Without changing the amount of pain a pellet gives, this would let players deal a max of 225 hit points per magazine, as opposed to what it is now at 145, if every 15-damage pellet landed.

Easy fix for the Mozambique from apexlegends

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It should be noted that the present Mozambique’s damage profile completely changes after adding Hammerpoint Rounds to the gun.

Instead of a pea-shooter, the ‘Mozambeast’ starts to hurt, though it can still be tricky to actually land a shot.


People have been loving the balance changes in Apex Legends that have contributed to Season 5’s success. If the devs wanted to complete the fan-service sweepstakes, then they could start by tweaking one of the most memed-on weapons in the game’s history.