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Apex Legends • Apr 07, 2019

Shroud mind blown after being taken out by Apex Legends cheaters

Shroud mind blown after being taken out by Apex Legends cheaters
Respawn/Twitch: Shroud

Popular Twitch streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek was in disbelief after witnessing a group of cheaters in Apex Legends, that wrecked him and his friends.


Apex Legends has quickly swept over the gaming world since it's surprising release on February 4, with over 50 million players hopping in and taking part in at least one game during the title’s first month of release.

However, like the majority of games, hackers and cheaters have quickly made their mark with a variety of exploits - even though Respawn Entertainment have done their best to keep on top of the cheats in their prized battle royale.


Hackers have made their mark on Apex Legends - but Respawn are doing their best to combat the exploits.

What are Respawn doing about Apex Legends cheaters?

The game’s developers recently launched another ban wave on hackers, but a few rogue users appear to have slipped through the net and disrupted shroud’s recent session of Apex Legends.

The former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional was gunned down during one match and left completely puzzled by what had happened with his killer firing round after round of bullets with incredibly precise accuracy.


Shroud, while being curious about the player, only received an explanation about what had occurred when he stuck around to spectate his killer. “Oh my God, no wonder I died so fucking fast,” stated the former Cloud9 pro after watching the player pick up another couple of kills.

It didn’t take long for the popular streamer to then report the enemy player for cheating before he moved on and headed to another match lobby.

While Respawn has done their utmost to make sure that their popular battle royale remains relatively clean from exploits, a few will always rear their head and slip through the cracks.

Yet, their cause to clean up the game is helped when streamers like shroud catch a few in the act - especially when they take down a player of his caliber with relative ease in front of his huge Twitch audience.

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