NICKMERCS loses it as “cracked” Apex Legends hacker carries him in ranked

Andrew Amos
NICKMERCS Apex Legends cheater hacker on own team
Respawn Entertainment / Twitch: NICKMERCS

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has already experienced the worst when it comes to Apex Legends hackers. Now, he’s been taken on the wild ride after one “cracked” cheater carried him in ranked ⁠— and he was “ready to reap the benefits”.

The higher you go on the Apex Legends ladder, the more likely you are to encounter cheaters. Wall hacks, aim hacks, speed hacks ⁠— or any mix of the three ⁠— Predator lobbies have been dominated by them for years.

NICKMERCS might be a fresh face in the community, but he’s already seen his fair share of cheats. Most of the time, he’s been on the receiving end.

This time though, he was sitting back, getting “carried” by a cheater.

Nickmercs streaming
NICKMERCS has been on the rough end of hacking in Apex Legends. This time though, he got to enjoy the ride.

After dropping on Climatizer ⁠— with seemingly every other squad in the game ⁠— NICKMERCS and his duo 72hrs got rinsed. Not their random teammate though, who was beaming enemies through the first fight and got out alive.

“Our teammate is f**king cracked. He’s not cheating right? He’s good? That’s the first question from chat,” he said.

After racking up Wingman headshot after headshot though, and even shooting enemies without seeing them, NICKMERCS soon realized he had queued with a hacker.

“I see white like f**king Gandolfs coming out of the forest. This guy is f**king cheating chat I don’t give a f**k. I’m on his team, chat, and I’m ready to reap the benefits. I put my #TimeIn.”

He even called out Respawn developer Hideouts, who can live ban players who cheat on big name streams and Predator lobbies, asking him to avert his eyes for just 10 minutes so Nick could get his sweet, sweet RP.

“Hideouts, shut the f**k up. Nothing’s concrete yet. Go to the grocery store, you need bread or something. Hideouts is at the grocery store everybody so there’s officially no anti-cheat in Apex.”

NICKMERCS and 72hrs even joked their random was “Jack [CouRage] on an alt account”, but sadly, all ‘good’ things must come to an end.

After getting caught out on a rotate NICKMERCS’ squad fell in fourth with eight kills across the board.

NICKMERCS plays with Apex legends hacker
The hacker smashed NICKMERCS and 72hrs in damage.

Not only that, but the cheater had found his way into Hideouts’ death note, getting banned immediately after the game.

Nick is certainly enjoying the little hit of RP, but he said he wouldn’t want to queue with that cheater ⁠— or any other ⁠— in the future.

In his words, they’re just “twisted”.