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‘Next level ganking’ in Apex Legends punishes players who solo drop

Published: 9/Mar/2020 19:04

by Alan Bernal


A band of Apex Legends players reminded the community how solo dropping in World’s Edge could be extremely deadly – especially in the Deja Loot mode.

It’s not unusual for players who leave the dropship on their own to be an easy target. But Reddit user ‘imjustjun’ showed how the lone wolf strategy makes you incredibly susceptible to solo drop snipers.

The player and the rest of their trio performed what they called a ‘next level gank.’ Even though it’s a smart idea to look for the vulnerable players right out of the gates, unfortunately for one person they were tailed twice in a row.


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Dropping by yourself could get the attention of other Apex Legends players.

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“Context: My friends and I have been dropping lately unto one person for a quick kill and happened upon this Caustic who solo dropped far from his squad,” Imjustjun explained. “After we killed him the first time, we survived for another 7 min before dying and then requeueing and ended up doing the exact same thing purely by chance.”

Unfortunate for the Caustic, but these are the perils of dropping into a game on your own.

Apex Legends gives players the luxury of a Jumpmaster who can literally take control of the other two players for the purposes of landing in the same spot.


Next Level Ganking from apexlegends

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There’s an option to launch on your own or detach from your team mid-flight, the latter of which would still be way safer than the former.

But imjustjun and crew found that some players can be creatures of habit to a tragic degree, especially since the Deja Loot mode can give people a false sense of security.

Knowing what loot will spawn where can make some people comfortable with a certain drop spot since they know exactly what they’re getting.

imjustjun via Reddit
Repeatedly dropping by yourself in Apex Legends can quickly get a target on your back.

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That only makes them even more liable to predators in the Apex Games like the trio in the clip who took the enemy Caustic by surprise in successive matches.


But there was no love loss within the Apex community for solo droppers – who can make a game impossible to play at the beginning of the game.

“It p**ses me off,” user ‘GuiltyGlow’ explained. “It plays out the exact same way every time with no deviation. They solo drop, go down within 60 seconds of hitting the ground, rapidly ping their banner, then disconnect.”

Solo dropping isn’t advised in Apex Legends. But if you feel compelled to leave your team at the game’s start, then be on their guard for people hunting solo droppers.