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New Apex Legends weapons and animations leaked ahead of Season 3

Published: 14/Sep/2019 11:03 Updated: 14/Sep/2019 11:30

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends dataminer has uncovered some brand new weapon animations and voice lines that could hit Kings Canyon in the near future. 

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Apex Legends players are gearing up for the arrival of season three, which is reportedly set to be named as Fire and Ice

However, as has been the case with previous seasons, details and new content has gotten out before the official launch of the new campaign. That’s been no different this time around as one data miner has been able to show off some brand-new weapons, and their animations and voice lines.


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Respawn EntertainmentApex Legends Season 3 is set to bring Crypto into the fold after numerous leaks.

In a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, user Smurfson showed off a video that they had complied of some unseen weapons being loaded animations – complete with certain characters calling out the location of the weapon. 

The video included the Archer, Sidewinder SMR, EPG-1, Charge Rifle, R-6P Softball AAGL, Volt, as well as animation for a Data Knife and Data hack. 

Of course, some of these weapons could very well be holdovers from the Titanfall series, but others have also been leaked to appear in season three.

After a while of rendering, I compilled together a short video of each unreleased gun that was found while digging through the Apex files! Most of the guns are from Titanfall 2 as well 🙂 from r/apexlegends

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The Volt, which is an SMG, was revealed back on September 11 – just before data miners were able to get their hands on details about season three’s name and battle pass.


New content like legends and weapons have been added with the start of a new season, but it remains to be seen as to when players will be able to grab the Volt SMG.

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While others could be rehashes of their Titanfall versions, that doesn’t that their appearances can be discounted right away.

In season three, players may very well get to grips with a long-awaited player vs environment mode which apparently will see those Titans from Titanfall be used after months of rumors and speculation.

RespawnTitans have been rumored to appear in Apex Legends since it’s launch.
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However, this is all subject to change and it could just be that Respawn has in-game files that had been used to test aspects of Titanfall in Apex Legends – like they previously confirmed with the Titans.


Until you’re running around Kings Canyon and fighting off enemies – be that in online play or PVE – it’s best to take these leaks with a pinch of salt as something can always change at the last moment.