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New Apex Legends glitch lets players stay out-of-bounds for a long time

Published: 2/Mar/2019 1:52 Updated: 2/Mar/2019 1:54

by Albert Petrosyan


Despite its massive success, Apex Legends remains full of glitches and exploits that players can abuse, one of which involves staying out-of-bounds on the map.

Aside from the outer edges of the map where players can fall to their death, there are some inland areas that are also considered out-of-bounds, such as atop certain canyons, land bridges, and other high areas. 

Once players enter these out-of-bounds areas, a warning message appears on the screen along with a timer that indicates how long they have to get back into the regulation areas.

However, it appears that there is a glitch in the game that’s allowing players to stay out-of-bounds for much longer than the timer suggests, and it’s definitely something that players are exploiting.


Here is a demonstration of this glitch as shown by NRG Esports’ Apex Legends pro player ‘dizzy,’ who came across it while live-streaming. 

Executing this exploit is quite simple; as the video shows, all players have to do is quickly bunny hop in place while perched in an out-of-bounds area, and the warning timer will keep getting reset after every jump.

Dizzy points out that this exploit is easier to do if the jump action is tied to the scroll wheel, which makes it easier to successfully time bunny hops. 

The Apex Legends map features numerous out-of-bounds areas, most of which are located atop high canyons and land bridges.

This exploit can certainly get filed under the “game-breaking” category as it offers players the huge advantage of being able to hide and attack from out-of-bounds areas.


It joins other critical exploits such as the ability to see through smoke and firing a weapon when knocked down.

Until it gets patched, players are pretty much free to go out-of-bounds as much as they’d like, although taking advantage of glitches like this could eventually results in an account ban.