Leaked survival item for Apex Legends would make respawning teammates easy

. 21 days ago
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A leak has showcased the “Remote Banner Recovery” survival item that would make respawning teammates much easier in Apex Legends.

Respawning teammates in Apex Legends can be a tough task, especially if you’ve lost a gunfight and you’re looking to retrieve your allies’ banners.

Revisiting friendly loot boxes comes with severe risks, as a lot of squads will camp the area until they know the revive countdown has timed out.

This often results in players leaving their squadmates behind in the hopes that they can survive for longer and potentially wait out a top spot.

Well, it turns out the devs may be developing a solution, as a leak showcasing the “Remote Banner Recovery” survival item has been found.

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Respawn Entertainment
Season 13 of Apex Legends went live on May 10.

Banner Recovery survival item leaked by Apex insider

Reliable Apex Legends dataminer and YouTuber iLootGames has showcased a leak from an insider that revolves around a new survival item.

The “Remote Banner Recovery” device makes it possible to collect teammates’ banners after they’ve gone down without having to visit their loot boxes.

This would not only add an extra level of safety for those who are looking to make a comeback in the match, but it may also help to prevent players from leaving instantly after they’ve been eliminated.

With the knowledge that their squadmates do not have to risk stepping back into danger, there’s a chance it would encourage competitors to wait out the spectate screen for a potential respawn.

iLootGames does reveal that this is not a new insider leak and that they’ve been holding onto this information for a while.

As a result, they note that there’s a chance the “Remote Banner Recovery” survival item has been scrapped, but there’s always a possibility Respawn is just waiting for the right time to release it.

For now, it’ll just be a case of waiting to see if the devs announce the item, as it would certainly be an interesting addition to the Outlands.

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