Kraber & Mastiff set to move to Replicators in upcoming Apex Legends event

Alex Garton
Horizon Apex Legends kraber

The Kraber and the Mastiff are heading into the crafting rotation for the upcoming Armed & Dangerous LTM that’s reportedly kicking off on July 19.

Care package weapons are some of the most powerful guns in the Outlands, but as they can only be obtained in the late game, it’s almost impossible to get hold of them consistently.

While the G7 Scout and Volt are deadly in the right players’ hands, it’s the long-range Kraber and powerhouse Mastiff shotgun that have the biggest reputations in the community.

Luckily, if you’re a fan of these two lethal weapons, then you’ll definitely want to get involved with the Armed & Dangerous LTM coming in the next update.

Both the Mastiff and Kraber are heading into the Replicators for a select number of days while the LTM is live, so be on the lookout for crafting materials.

Apex Legends Kraber Bloodhound
Apex Legends Season 14 is expected to go live in early August.

Kraber & Mastiff in Replicators for Armed & Dangerous

In a recent set of leaks, it has been revealed that the Armed & Dangerous LTM will be arriving with the Gaiden update on July 19.

This LTM made its first appearance in Apex back with the Voidwalker event and limits players to only using shotguns and snipers.

According to leaker SenosApex, Respawn is going to keep the rotation of weapons interesting by making the Longbow and Peacekeeper craftable for the weekdays that Armed & Dangerous is active.

Not only that, on the weekend, players will be able to craft the care package Kraber and Mastiff for a total of 150 crafting materials each.

Although 150 crafting materials is a lot, it’s understandable given the overwhelming strength of care package weapons.

Of course, if you’re looking to rack up kills in the LTM, it’s definitely worth heading to a Replicator and picking one of these up.

However, at this point, it’s hard to know how spread out the crafting materials are going to be in the LTM, it’ll just be a case of waiting for July 19, or for an announcement from Respawn.

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