Is Skull Town coming back to Kings Canyon in Apex Legends Season 14?

Kings Canyon Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Skull Town is one of the most iconic POIs in Apex Legends history, but is the fan-favorite location returning with Kings Canyon in Season 14?

While Fragment is the hot drop of choice for the majority of players in Season 13, back at the release of Apex Legends, it was Kings Canyon’s Skull Town that held that title.

The iconic POI’s huge radius and enclosed loot-filled buildings led to endless chaotic gunfights in every single match, until the location was finally destroyed in Season 5.

While it has returned briefly during limited-time events, Respawn has never re-introduced Skull Town back to Kings Canyon permanently despite countless requests from players.

Well, that may be about to change, as a set of hints and clues are suggesting that Kings Canyon could be coming back in Season 14, but most likely not in its original form.

Kings Canyon Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Season 14 of Apex Legends is expected to go live in early August.

Respawn drop multiple that Skull Town is returning in Season 14

The first clue surrounding the return of Skull Town came with the Lifeline Town Takeover that was added with the Awakening Collection Event.

As showcased by reliable leaker KralRindo, a set of magazines can be found in the building that reveal the “salvage operation” on Kings Canyon is complete.

Not only that, the booklets tease players with another mysterious line about the fan-favorite POI: “Say hello to Kings Canyon’s new relic”.

This suggests that if we do see Skull Town back in Season 14, it likely won’t be the OG location that we remember, so expect a huge amount of changes.

The next big clues came with the anime-style trailer that was released to celebrate the Gaiden thematic event.

Eagle-eyed members of the Apex community quickly noticed that the action-packed cinematic is set in Skull Town, which is strange considering Kings Canyon isn’t in the Season 13 rotation.

So, a lot of players are taking this as a hint that the iconic POI will be returning in early August with the major update.

Although we haven’t had any concrete announcements from Respawn about the return of Skull Town, the evidence is mounting up and players are getting extremely excited.

Let’s hope the devs deliver the good news in early August and allow the community to revisit one of Apex’s most iconic POIs.