Incredible Apex Legends Wattson skin gets dev’s seal of approval

Respawn Entertainment

A Respawn Entertainment developer has responded to a staggering Wattson concept skin, commenting that they’d love to see the fan’s version of the static defender in Apex Legends at some point.  

Added back in Season 2, Wattson has struggled to impact Apex Legends meta as much as some other legends. While not necessarily underpowered, she is some way off becoming a staple pick of every team, in the vein of Wraith or Pathfinder.

Regardless, her awesome character design has made her the subject of a number of cosplays and fan art, something one Apex Legends fan took to the next level on April 13.

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Respawn Entertainment
Wattson’s orange jumpsuit is a staple of her look.

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Despite the blue and orange overalls becoming associated with Wattson, the Redditor has done away with nearly everything conventional and has totally reworked the electrifying defender.

“I made a fan skin concept for Wattson! Critique and suggestions welcome,” Reddit u/SithArsenal said.

The attached art is potentially the most vibrant and creative concept we’ve seen. The fan has done away with the orange and blue jumpsuit, swapping them out for pale blue and white armor of sorts, with the battery pack on her back the only tell-tale sign that it is Wattson.

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Responses to the concept were overwhelmingly positive, with many complimenting just how imaginative and well-drawn the concept skin is. At the time of writing the post sits at just over 11,000 upvotes, highlighting just how many people admired the Apex fan’s hard work.

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In fact, the drawing was even picked up on by a Respawn artist, who commented: “This is great… I would love to see this get made.”

The Respawn artist’s reply was heavily complimentary.

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While there is no guarantee we’ll ever see the fan’s creation in the game itself, there was clearly widespread admiration for the incredible art.

Some fans have called on Respawn to allow more fan creations into their battle royale. Fortnite, for example, hosted ‘The Block’ in its first chapter, which saw fan POI locations added to the game on a weekly basis. Maybe Respawn are considering something similar for skins.

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