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Will Apex Legends get a new map for Season 5?

by David Purcell
Respawn Entertainment


Respawn Entertainment have quite the task in front of them with the upcoming release of Apex Legends Season 5. A new Legend and weapons are always expected in major updates, but there's also a chance the Apex Games moves to another map, too. 

The game's developers have certainly made up for a supposed content drought – something members of the community used to say a lot before Season 1 kicked off. They've added new characters regularly, as well as fresh guns, items and countless successful limited time events.

As seen with other BR games, though, that regular stream of content only lasts so long in terms of popularity. Then, people turn to leaks and rumors on the hunt for the next big thing that could shake things up. Well, a map would do just fine, and it's not actually out of the question.


Apex Legends Season 5: New map on the way?

Respawn Entertainment
World's Edge was first added to Apex Legends in Season 3.

Since the Apex Games began, we have been introduced to two different arenas. The first being Kings Canyon, which is still massively popular in either its day or night time form, and World's Edge secondly.

Now, without being privy to developer plans, we can only assess the chances of a new map coming from the outside. On that basis, the original was given two seasons before it was replaced by World's Edge, and now the second season with the latest map is coming to an end. Detractors, though, would suggest Kings Canyon had more time overall because it was here since seasons began – and that's fair comment.

Nevertheless, this proves to be a set strategy for Respawn, there's a chance we could actually see a new map revealed for Season 5. It's worth noting that there has been no indication that a new map is on the way, even in terms of leaked material, but if we were to move again there are some ready-made spots for battle.

Side by side of rosie in apex legends trailer
Respawn Entertainment
It's been suggested that a young girl who featured in the Season 4 Revenant trailer might be the game's next character. Obviously, an older version.


Most leaked material seems to be pointing towards the introduction of a new legend called Loba, although she has also been named Rosie by some data miners. There is a possibility that, should a new map emerge, that the next character will be an inhabitant from the new land.

This would be an interesting way to connect both Revenant and Loba, too, especially if theories about the next legend being a young girl included in a previous trailer prove to be correct.

Where could a new Apex Legend map be located?

Harmony in Titanfall
Respawn Entertainment
Harmony featured in Titanfall, but will Apex Legends ever make it to the planet? It's certainly an option.


So far, we have been introduced to two different planets in the series' solar system. Solace, and then Talos. However, those who are familiar with the Titanfall series, or have read into the different planets included in the world, will know that there's actually a handful of places we could jump into next.

They don't necessarily have to be in the same state as what they were after the great Frontier War (as many were damaged), and some might have been rebuilt in the time that came after. That said, some were destroyed and that – sadly – ruled out some when forming our list of contenders.

Possible destinations include Gridiron, Harmony, Leviathan, and Troy – unless they want to drop a total surprise and go somewhere we've never seen before.

Even casual players will recognize the third one in that short list, with Leviathans invading Kings Canyon back in Season 2, and it would be interesting if we were given the chance to battle it out on their planet instead.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment


Flyers and Prowlers can be found on planet Leviathan, which would also provide a nice way of introducing a PVE mode to the battle royale game, something that was leaked some time ago. The other three planets are also realistic places we could visit next, although nothing has been confirmed just yet.

All in all, this idea of switching up the map again would present an opportunity for Respawn to further develop the experience of playing Apex Legends, expanding their rotation system with yet another arena. You won't find many players who would be disappointed by that, either.

Apex Legends Season 5 is expected to kick off on May 5, 2020, so we don't have long to wait much longer to find out if a new map is coming or not.