iiTzTimmy pulls off insane squad wipe without using a gun in Apex Legends

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Popular Apex Legends streamer Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An managed to pull off an incredible squad wipe without using a weapon.

While there are countless talented Apex players who stream on Twitch and create content for the community, very few have the reputation of iiTzTimmy.

Whether he’s queueing up with Post Malone, climbing through the tiers in Ranked, or pulling off insane trick shots, there’s never a dull moment when you’re watching Timmy play Apex.

Although his skill with the array of guns in the Outlands is unmatched by the majority of his opponents, he doesn’t necessarily need a weapon to dominate the competition.

He showcased this in a recent stream when Timmy managed to wipe out an entire squad on his own without using a gun.

Apex Legends PathfinderRespawn Entertainment
iiTzTimmy has over 2.2 million followers on Twitch.

iiTzTimmy 1v3s enemy squad with no gun in Apex Legends

During a recent stream, iiTzTimmy pulled off an insane play that surprisingly, didn’t involve any of his impressive gunskills.

After diving down onto Olympus at the Energy Depot POI, Timmy made his way to a loot box that unfortunately only contained an Arc Star, grenade, and a level 2 backpack.

Having no time to react, Timmy was immediately attacked by an enemy squad that emerged from a nearby building. Using a single grenade and Arc Star, Timmy managed to use Pathfinder’s Tactical to hold an opponent in place, with the explosion even downing two other enemies in the same room.

Timmy then immediately rushed into the building and used melee to take down two separate players who both had weapons. This resulted in a full wipe and left him plenty of loot to take on the rest of the lobby.

Although there are countless highlight-reel plays involving weapons, very few showcase a player outplaying opponents with their fists and throwables.

The majority of players would have panicked or given up completely after seeing no weapons in the first bin.

It just goes to show how talented Timmy is and how it is possible to come out on top when the odds are against you.