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iiTzTimmy proves underrated Bow can dominate Apex Legends with insane killing spree

Published: 6/Jun/2022 17:03

by Alex Garton


Popular Apex Legends streamer Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An has showcased how powerful the Bocek Bow can be if you have pinpoint accuracy.

Since arriving all the way back in Season 9, the Bocek Bow has remained a niche weapon that very few players feel comfortable using effectively.

As it’s slow-firing and requires pinpoint accuracy to maximize its damage, most of the community prefers to pick up a Spitfire or an R-301 as it’s much easier to consistently win gunfights.

As a result, the bow often gets overlooked by a lot of players in Apex but there’s no denying it’s extremely powerful if every arrow hits the mark.


Well, popular streamer iiTzTimmy showcased exactly that in a recent stream where he managed to go on a rampage with the bow, taking out countless opponents in a matter of seconds.

Bocek Bow Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
The Bocek Bow was added to Apex in Season 9.

iiTzTimmy shows how powerful Bocek Bow can be in Apex

During his June 3 stream, Timmy was approaching the end game of a match on Storm Point with eight squads left in the lobby.

Equipped with the Bocek while playing Horizon, he noticed a bunch of teams fighting on the Cascade Falls POI and decided to push aggressively.

Diving straight into the action, Timmy immediately entered a Bangalore smoke, landing multiple arrows on opponents and taking out an Octane mid-air.


Falling down into a nearby building, he then landed arrow after arrow to kill off another two opponents, racking up a huge amount of kills with the bow in a matter of seconds.

While Timmy’s skill with the bow certainly isn’t comparable to a casual Apex player, it does show what is possible if you put in enough practice with the Bocek.

The weapon deals a serious amount of damage and can catch opponents off guard who won’t expect to lose half their armor and shields to a single headshot.

So, next time you see a bow on the ground, give it another shot and see if you can pull off any highlight-reel plays with the Bocek.