Apex Legends players slam muzzle flash issues with mock “solution”

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have been complaining about muzzle flash in the game for months, and now some have gone to extreme lengths to try and get rid of the annoying effects.

Respawn removed the ability to turn off muzzle flash in a July 2019 update, and Apex players quickly complained that it made it almost impossible to see what they were aiming at, especially at lower frames-per-second.

Even though there were numerous complaints about the change, Respawn has kept muzzle flash in the game, which has driven some players to look for extreme solutions.

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Reddit user Ozqo submitted their own fix as “the muzzle flash fix that’s quickly gaining popularity,” and based on the number of upvotes the post has, they may be on to something.

“Go into the video settings of Apex Legends, select “disable ambient occlusion” then press alt+f4,” Ozqo explained. “Uninstall Apex and never play again. So far after doing this, I’ve had no issues with muzzle flash.”

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Obviously this solution isn’t practical for those who actually still want to play Apex Legends, but it does give a funny look at how the community feels about the invasive effects.

As we said before, plenty of Apex players and streamers have complained about losing the ability to turn muzzle flash off, but so far Respawn hasn’t added it back.

But besides muzzle flash, the other big issue Apex Legends players have with the game right now is the skill-based matchmaking system.

EA.Players are often finding themselves grinding versus higher-ranked opponents in casual play due to SBMM.

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Players have come up with an unorthodox solution for the SBMM complaints as well, and it doesn’t rely on uninstalling the game to work.

Respawn devs have defended their decision to implement SBMM in the past, but with fans becoming increasingly upset over the matchmaking system, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some changes made to it in the future.

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