Apex Legends

When will Apex Legends get cross-platform play?

by Joe O'Brien


Since the surprise release of Apex Legends in February 2019, one of the most-requested features by fans has been the addition of cross-platform play.

Apex Legends quickly established itself as one of the biggest battle royale titles in the world, despite being released without any prior anticipation or advertising.

Despite its status as one of the titans of the genre, Apex Legends does still lack for some major features that its main rivals can boast.

Cross-platform play is one such feature, which would allow players to play with friends and against opponents without having to be on the same platform – PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation. Fortunately, it seems cross-platform play could be a possibility for Apex, and maybe even sooner than expected.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends introduced the idea of respawns for battle royale, which has since been adopted by other titles.

Is cross-platform play coming to Apex Legends?

While there’s no cross-platform play just yet, Respawn have confirmed their intentions to add the feature at some point during the game’s lifespan.

Lead developer Drew McColl confirmed in an interview with Eurogamer back in February that they intended to add the feature, and PlayStation executive Shawn Layden also confirmed in an interview with GameInformer around the same time that they were interested in enabling cross-platform play, removing at least one of the potential barriers to the feature.

More recently in June, McColl stated in an interview with GameInformer that cross-platform play is still very much on the cards, but its release may be delayed by the amount of work involved relative to the size of the development team.

“If it wasn't a ginormous amount of effort and work, we'd probably already be doing (cross-play). It's just one of those things where we're still a fairly small team so we have to pick and choose our battles.”

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Cross-platform play might be arriving sooner than expected.

When is cross-platform play coming?

Respawn have not made any official announcement about when cross-platform play can be expected in Apex Legends, but there is perhaps a hint that it might be arriving sooner than expected.

A recent statement in EA’s quarter 1 fiscal report revealed that an upcoming event in Apex arriving “in the next few weeks” would also “deliver one of the most fan-requested features since the launch of Apex,” leading to some speculation that cross-platform play could be on its way.

The statement is far from definitive, however, and another obvious candidate for the much-requested feature could be a solo mode, which fans have also been asking for since the game’s launch, with Apex being one of the only battle royale games which lacks that option.