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Five things we learned from latest Apex Legends Season 3 map trailer

Published: 28/Sep/2019 0:13 Updated: 28/Sep/2019 0:34

by Albert Petrosyan


Now that Respawn Entertainment have released the official launch trailer for Season 3 of Apex Legends, it’s time to take a closer look at the details.

Season 3 of Apex Legends, called Meltdown, is slated to kick off on October 1, introducing a brand new Legends, weapon, Battle Pass and more.

On September 27, Respawn gave players something else to look forward to as well – a brand new map called World’s Edge, located on a different planet than the one that King’s Canyon inhabits.

The map was introduced in a launch trailer for the new season, which predictably included some key details, cameo appearances, and clues about what players should expect.

That said, here are five things we learned from the latest video about what’s to come in the world of Apex Legends.

Environment will play a role in World’s Edge

Judging by the scenes shown of the new map, it appears likely that the terrain and environmental factors will have an effect on how the game will be played.

The snowy blizzards billowing from the white-capped mountains, the fiery embers sparking out of the active volcano, the unmissable chemical plant frozen during an explosion, and all of the other terrains all figure to be involved.

We saw some of that on King’s Canyon as well, especially during Season 2, with the Flyers and giant Leviathan creatures that were added to the map. 

Respawn Entertainment (EA)The new Apex Legends map, World’s Edge, in all its glory.

Crypto’s abilities shown for the first time

It’s pretty much old news now that the next Legends will be Crypto, but the three Abilities that he will have in-game remain largely unconfirmed speculation. 

However, the video gave a first true glimpse at some of his powers, such as what appeared to be the surveillance drones Respawn had already mentioned previously, as well as hand-held weapons that could be used for fighting.

Respawn EntertainmentCrypto could be a fun Legend to use in Season 3.

Charged Rifle looks powerful

Respawn have already confirmed that the new weapon in Season 3 will be the Charged Rifle, which an “obliterating directed-energy weapon” according to the official description given.

The weapon made a brief appearance in the trailer when Crypto pulled it out to take down Caustic, and it certainly looks like it has the potential to do a lot of damage.

Respawn EntertainmentThe brand new Charged Rifle weapon may end up being a very powerful option during Season 3.

There’s a train!

The final sequences of the trailer were spent on a cargo train travelling around the map at a very high speed, which looks to be a good way for players to be able to access opposite areas of the map without having to spend the whole time running.

Those who may think that the vehicle was only part of the video’s cinematic should pay close attention to the image of the map above, which clearly contains some sort of railing circling the outside edge of the map. 

Respawn EntertainmentThe train could end up being a great way to travel around the new map in Apex Legends.

Geyser – a new way to get airborne

Speaking of transportation, appears that there will be a new way to get airborne and traverse long distances on World’s Edge – geysers. 

During a brief sequence shown in the trailer, Octane can be seen jumping onto a large stream of water vapor coming out of the ground using it to propel himself into the air, yelling “Hydro Power!”

While the addition of such a feature would likely be well received by most players, the questions remains as to whether the geysers would ultimately replace the Jump Towers that were ever-present on King’s Canyon. 

Respawn EntertainmentGeysers are a brand new addition in Season 3 of Apex Legends.

Players will be able to use Crypto’s abilities, fire the Charged Rifle, explore World’s Edge and more when Season 3: Meltdown releases on October 1 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Halloween Fight or Fright event: Shadow Royale, Skins, more

Published: 20/Oct/2020 16:15 Updated: 20/Oct/2020 18:01

by Calum Patterson


It’s that time of year again, when Halloween comes to gaming, and Respawn are bringing their spooky theme back to Apex Legends. The Fight or Fright event comes with a collection of scary skins, and a new twist on the last year’s Shadowfall LTM, now called Shadow Royale.

Just like Warzone’s “Haunting of Verdansk” event, the map will be getting another makeover, and players will get a chance to play as new and improved ‘Shadows’ in the Shadow Royale mode.

Last year’s Shadowfall LTM went down a treat: not only did we get to see (and hear) Revenant for the first time, it was a brilliant twist of the standard battle royale gameplay.

Also, to make sure you look the part, lots of Halloween-themed skins are coming to the store. Many of them are similar to last year’s though with fresh colors, but there’s also brand new ones for the new Legends that have been added since last October.

Fight or Fright Event trailer

Shadow Royale LTM

In the Shadow Royale mode, players will play as both normal Legends, as well as drop-in as Shadows once eliminated. Shadows are now more deadly than before in some ways, as they can now wallrun and double jump (Titanfall players rejoice).

Plus, rather than just playing in Solos, there’s Shadow Squads, where teammates remain as Shadows as long as one Legend remains alive.

Then there’s Final Death, when the final Legend dies, all shadows die too. We also see Shadow Prowlers, what role they will play remains to be seen, but they’re attacking the remaining Legends in the trailer.

Wallrunning in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Wallrunning, just like Titanfall, is finally in Apex Legends – but only if you’re a Shadow.

Apex Legends Halloween skins

These skins are being dubbed ‘resurrected’, pretty much meaning they are recolors of previous skins from last year’s Fight or Fright event.

Eight bundles will be included in total, on a two week rotation. The first set for October 22 – 27:

Apex Legends halloween bundle

And then the next bundle rotation from October 27 – November 3.

Fight or Fright bundles

Additionally, individual Halloween-themed skins will be available to purchase throughout the event.

Fight or Fright skins store

There’s also a Haunting prize track, which will run for the full two weeks as well. Complete Revenant’s challenges and you’ll unlock these exclusive rewards.

Fight or Fright event prize track

The Fight or Fright event runs from Thursday, October 22, to November 3, just in time for the expected launch of Season 7 on November 10.