Apex Legends

When is cross-play coming to Apex Legends? Everything we know

by Calum Patterson


Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends has captivated players across all gaming platforms, but can we expect crossplay anytime soon? Here's everything we know about potential cross-platform play coming to Apex Legends.

Cross-platform or 'cross-play' is an increasingly popular feature in multiplayer games, in recent years, as it allows users on PS4, Xbox, PC, and even mobile devices to play against and alongside each other on the same servers.

Not only does it benefit players who want to play with friends who are on another platform, but it also benefits the game itself by increasing the overall player base, which can improve matchmaking and longevity.


Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Players from any console may be able to play with and against each other on Apex Legends in the future.

Fortnite was the trend-setter for cross-play, allowing everyone on any device to play together, and now with new battle royale titles such as Warzone following suit, Apex Legends players are have expressed their hopes for the feature as well. Here's everything we know so far about crossplay in Apex Legends.

Is cross-platform play coming to Apex Legends?

Respawn stated in June 2019 that they were quite interested in adding cross-play to Apex, but revealed that it was a "ginormous amount of effort and work" for their smaller team of developers at the time.


However, almost a year later and after much demand from fans of the popular battle royale, Respawn has been seemingly eyeing up the possibility of making it happen and provided fans with a promising update in April.

Respawn have now opened up an entirely new studio in Vancouver which is solely dedicated to Apex Legends. With the success of the game so far, and the increasing resources, potentially cross-platform is being worked on now.

"I think on crossplay we see it's something that is kind of expected in the industry, and is important to a game like ours," Respawn told GameInformer, (We) are obviously big fans of playing our game — at work and in our free time — and we go home on a Friday or weekend and want to play with each other and we're on different systems."


Respawn Entertainment
Fans and Respawn devs are eager to play with friends from other platforms in Apex Legends.

It was also claimed by popular Apex data miner That1MiningGuy that Respawn devs had seemingly been working on it already after files that would be used for the feature were added to the game's code in September. He shared these in a now-deleted video, before the data miner closed down his YouTube channel.

The data miner also revealed that they were working on adding PIN's to the game, which he explained could be used as identification for one player across different platforms.

Unfortunately, despite these leaked game files suggesting that cross-platform will be added to Apex Legends at some point, Respawn has refrained from sharing a timeline on just when players can expect it.


What platforms will be available in Apex Legends crossplay?

Apex Legends was not built with crossplay in mind, with the feature only gaining traction after Respawn released their new title, meaning that it would present more of a challenge compared to newer games like Warzone.

When cross-platform is released on Apex Legends, it will likely be available for players on all platforms such as Xbox, Ps4, and PC, as seen in other titles with the feature.

It's also likely that this new cross-platform system will work for mobile, as it was confirmed in May that a mobile version of Apex Legends is on the way.

However, as for it looks like Apex Legends fans will just have to sit tight and we'll be sure to update with more information when it becomes available.