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Easy Apex Legends knockdown shield trick will win the final 1v1

Published: 13/Aug/2020 16:05

by Calum Patterson


It takes a lot of effort to reach the final circle in Apex Legends and secure the win, and there’s nothing worse than throwing it all away by losing the final 1v1. But, with the right equipment and a bit of good timing, you can outplay the final enemy – if you know what you’re doing.

This trick relies on two key components – you’ll need a strong knockdown shield, preferably gold, and need to be in a 1v1 situation (a 1v2 for example, probably won’t work).

The method will allow you to actually lose the final gunfight, but still win the game – all you need to do is get your opponent to perform a finisher near the edge of the ring.


Gold knockdown shield in Apex Legends
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A gold knockdown shield will make this trick especially useful.

Some experienced players may already know about this trick, which is really quite simple when you think about it. Because your character is made totally invulnerable when an enemy is performing a finisher, you will take no damage from being outside the ring.

Meanwhile, the enemy performing the finisher will take damage – and if it’s the final circle, chances are it will kill them almost instantly.

As demonstrated by Apex player u/Sjborda, after losing gunfight in the 1v1, they simply stick close the edge of the ring, baiting the opponent into performing a finisher with the knockdown shield.


By moving very slightly back into the ring, it instantly hands them the win, as the opponent immediately takes too much damage while doing the finisher, eliminating themselves.

The trick will really only work in the very late circles, as the ring damage needs to be high enough to eliminate the enemy before they complete the finisher.

However, it is possible to do this without a gold knockdown shield, as a purple or even blue might be enough to prompt your opponent into the finisher. But, if you don’t have a teammate left alive, then you’ll need a gold one, otherwise, you won’t be left in the downed state of course.


Just make sure your back is totally covered by the storm, so they can’t just go behind you and shoot you instead!