Dr Disrespect loses his mind over ‘disastrous’ Apex Legends gun effects

Dr Disrespect - Twitch / Respawn Entertainment

Star Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect has had enough of the weapon effects in Apex Legends, and he expressed his feelings in one of his iconic rage-filled rants. 

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Dr Disrespect raging over a battle royale game is nothing new, but the sight of seeing him lose his mind on his stream never gets old.

His latest spell of anger came during a session of Apex Legends, when he found himself come out on the wrong end of an intense gunfight.

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During the gunfight, the Doc was being peppered with shots from the enemy team, which caused a lot of animation and graphics to appear on his screen.

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Turns out, those effects were enough to take care of the last bit of patience he had in him at that point, and losing the gunfight was just icing on the cake.

Dr Disrespect - TwitchAnother day, another rage-filled rant from Dr Disrespect about a battle royale game.
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After he got eliminated, the Doc immediately left the game with haste, turning his camera to fullscreen, which his viewers knew could only mean one thing.

“When I’m receiving damage, why does my screen look like my actual real monitor is going to blow up,” he yelled. “I mean sh*t, we don’t need all of the VFX, I don’t need my screen to shake, I don’t need the audio. It’s a f*cking disaster.”

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He then went on to give the developers at Respawn Entertainment some advice on how to adjust the game to make it look and feel better.

“The damage feedback system in this game, it’s a disaster. It’s terrible. Tone it down by like 95% please! Holy sh*t!”

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Of course, the Doc isn’t the only player in Apex Legends who has complained about on-screen graphics and animations taking place during gunfights.

In fact, many have complained about this particular aspect of the the game for a while now, and it still continues to be an issue, even now during Season 2.

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Ex-Overwatch pro Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned had a similar reaction when recently coming across a heavy amount of muzzle flash while engaging in combat.

It’s safe to say that most players simply don’t like having too much going on their screens when shooting their weapon, so it’s something that Respawn might want to prioritize for the near future.