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Crazy Apex Legends glitch teleports Bangalore during finishing move

Published: 28/Feb/2021 1:25

by Bill Cooney


A wild new bug is popping up in Apex Legends that apparently randomly teleports Bangalore while she’s using her finishing move on a downed enemy.

Bangalore has been in Apex Legends since day one, and so has the battle royale’s ever-changing assortment of bugs and glitches that can appear during matches.

Thankfully the game seems to be in a pretty good place right now, with nothing that we know of actually causing things to be unplayable, but a new bug is making things interesting for Bangalore players.

Bangalore in war paint in apex Legends
Bangalore has been battling it out in the Apex Games since release.

Normally, when Bangalore uses her finisher, she pulls out her smoke grenade launcher and uses it to take out the unlucky downed enemy, with no teleportation involved whatsoever. This would be where the bug/glitch comes in.


In the clip below from Reddit user ‘Regnis2005‘ goes through the motions; they get their teammate up, then decide to finish off the scum that dared challenge them to a firefight in Bunker in the first place.

It’s during Bangalore’s finisher that this bug happens, just after she fires the smoke bomb to end off the animation, the confused player suddenly finds themselves somehow just outside of the Bunker’s entrance.

Luckily, the bug didn’t teleport them too far and they were able to link back up with their team, but it is an incredibly odd thing to have happen in the first place.


New bangalore buff? from apexlegends

Exactly what caused this to happen is unclear, because it definitely doesn’t trigger every single time she uses the move. It could have been the small corner of the map they were on, or maybe the animations just don’t play well with the Bunker’s underground rooms.

Either way, players joked that the bug was probably a more reliable teleport option than Loba’s bracelets, which have been bugged to the point of practically not working at all since the legend came out.

Respawn will probably come out with a fix for this bizarre bug soon, if they’re not already aware of it and working on one already. So stick with Dexerto and @TitanfallBlog on Twitter for all the latest Apex news.