Apex Legends players call for nerf to “blatantly unfair” Rampage LMG

Apex nerf RampageRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are calling for a nerf to the popular Rampage LMG, with some even labeling the weapon “blatantly unfair”.

Since its release back in Season 10 of Apex Legends, the Rampage LMG has been known as a weapon that’s incredibly strong in the hands of highly-skilled players and relatively underwhelming for those who struggle with their aim.

This is due to the gun’s high-damage output but extremely slow rate of fire, making it unforgiving in gunfights if you’re not pinpoint-accurate with your shots.

Despite this, some players are now beginning to question whether the Rampage is simply too powerful in the current meta, and have asked the devs to nerf the “blatantly unfair” weapon.

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Apex Legends RampageRespawn Entertainment
The Rampage LMG was released in Season 10.

Apex Legends players think the Rampage LMG is too strong

A thread has been posted to the Apex Legends subreddit calling for the Rampage LMG to be nerfed, and it’s sparked a discussion within the community over what makes the weapon too powerful.

For some, the gun simply has no drawbacks so there is no reason to use anything else as it has “perfect accuracy, quick reload, minimal ammo usage, thermite for when close range and insane damage.”

Others think it comes down to the LMG’s lack of recoil and claim that a nerf to the “bullet drop, mag size and possibly even the fire rate” may solve the issue.

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Either way, it’s obvious a lot of people in the Apex community feel the Rampage is too strong in the current meta, with some even calling it out as “blatantly unfair.”

Despite this, not everyone agrees that the Rampage is oppressive, with certain players claiming that weapon’s damage doesn’t match up to a lot of its counterparts: “I’m sick of the people whining about the rampage, its dps isn’t great and people are going to get this gun trashed because they can’t stop whining about a nonissue.”

It’ll be interesting to see if Respawn decides to make any changes to the popular LMG heading into Season 12. However, some players are convinced the devs will solve the issue by making the Rampage a care package gun in the next major update.

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