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Clever Apex Legends trick lets players teleport with Loba

Published: 9/Jun/2020 9:47

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have uncovered a neat trick that allows them to teleports alongside Loba when she busts out her bracelet ability. 

Since Apex Legends season five got underway back on May 12, fans of the battle royale have been trying to master the newest legend – Loba. The Translocating Thief has a set of abilities like no other character, with her ultimate ability allowing her and her teammates to steal loot from around themselves without having to engage any enemies.

Loba’s Burglar’s Best Friend ability, where she throws a bracelet and can teleport, has allowed players to shake up their play styles – going on more flanks or getting in the face of an enemy team. Yet, players have found a way that lets them piggyback on her teleport and go flying through the sky.


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Respawn Entertainment
Loba has become a regular combatant in the Apex Games.

The clever trick was pointed out by RAIIVN on the Apex Legends subreddit as they showed a video from a recent game of theirs. The Redditor had been beating down an enemy Loba before she tried to use the bracelet.

As Loba was just set to make her jump, RAIIVN gave her another punch and ended up teleporting with her. It was bad news for the Loba, however, as their plan to escape didn’t work. The Redditor ended up just using their fists to knock her out of the game and got a free teleport as a result.


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If you punch Loba as she teleports, you teleport with her. from apexlegends

While some players noted that it is an interesting technique, others claimed that what had happened was actually a glitch and that the Redditor should never have teleported with Loba. 

Obviously, it might be a bit hard to tell one way or the other – since it has never been confirmed if Loba can give out teleport rides after being punched. So, it’ll be down to players to try it out for themselves. Trying to get the timing right might seem a little difficult, but with practice, you could end up flying for free.