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Clever Apex Legends character concept would be perfect counter to Mirage

Published: 4/May/2020 11:09

by Andy Williams


A savvy Apex Legends player has created the perfect character to rival Kings Canyon’s native Holographic Trickster – but would they be overpowered?

Mirage is Apex Legends very own Holographic Trickster. Armed with a set of abilities designed to get you out of tight situations, the crafty character currently stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of his knack to deceive an opponent.

Having the ability to manipulate what the enemy sees (or doesn’t see in Mirage’s case) is an incredibly powerful tool if used correctly. But one player’s Legend concept is designed to manipulate another sense — hearing.


Mirage fist bumping decoy in Apex Legends.
Mirage’s decoys often bamboozle their enemies, but a new trickster could be in town.

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Aptly named ‘Echo,’ deviousshadow’s Legend concept comes complete with a simulacrum-esque character model that has a small resemblance to Overwatch’s latest Hero, Echo.

And while aesthetics isn’t everything, the character looks just as deviant and sneaky as their abilities.

  • Passive: Who’s there? You and nearby squad members (30ft) will not appear on enemy scans or trigger enemy traps.
  • Tactical: What’s that sound? Deploys a speaker that randomly replicates the sound of footsteps and gunfire at various volumes.
  • Ultimate: Death Box here! Three charge use. Deploy three randomly colored Death Boxes that detonate on interaction.
Character concept for Apex Legends.
deviousshadow (Reddit)
Could Echo be the perfect rival to Mirage?

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Starting with the Passive Ability, this is arguably the most beneficial part of Echo’s utility. Having the ability to fly under the radar would be the perfect way to tackle those pesky campers who set up shop for the endgame circle.

While on paper it might seem overpowered, in practice it would definitely mitigate the amount of times you enter a building which is littered in Wattson’s fences and Caustic’s traps.


Echo’s Tactical is perfect to escape tight situations, where giving the enemy an audio cue on your position could be the difference between life and death.

And to round-off the Legend, their Ultimate would be the perfect bamboozle. Imagine being able to lure in an enemy squad at the promise of high-tier loot, only for them to be met by a flurry of explosions which would make it easy to swoop in and get the squad-wipe.

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While Echo could quite well be the perfect Legend to counter campers, they would also give Mirage a run for his money as the number one trickster in the Apex Games.


Although, considering the damage that Echo and co. could cause from their Passive alone, the character might well be overpowered, given the endgame meta of holding down a building like its a fortress.