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Clever Apex Legends buff turns Crypto into ultimate defensive teammate

Published: 15/May/2020 10:20

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends player has come up with a pretty clever buff for Crypto’s passive that would let him become a real thorn in the side of enemies.

Since being introduced to Apex Legends back in season three, Crypto has become a legend that you might not see all that much on Kings Canyon or World’s Edge. The Surveillance Expert is a solid choice for a team playing things slow and sticking to the edge of the circle, but his abilities aren’t as powerful as say Wraith or Loba.

Players have been trying to come up with different ways to make Crypto a viable choice for some time, with every potential buff angling around his drone. The newest idea, though, could be a solution that Respawn might want to consider.


Crypto using abilities in Apex Legends.
Crypto can see everything through their Surveillance Drone, while giving teammates key intel.

The concept was posted by Reddit user Dragotech123, who noted that Crypto’s drone should be able to lock doors and not just open or close them. By being able to lock a set number of doors, in this case, two, Crypto could cause headaches for opposing teams. 

As Dragotech123 pointed out, the buff would also have benefits for the team utilizing the Crypto. Say you need to get off a quick heal after a fight inside a building, the doors could be locked to give you some time to regroup. 

Obviously, though, there would be a way to unlock these doors if you were using them to your benefit. The Redditor noted that as soon as Crypto messes with another door or two, the ones that are currently locked would revert to their normal state.


Crypto’s passive ability could use a buff. from apexlegends

Now, while this seems a simple enough buff, other players pointed out that it could really cause havoc if Crypto was able to lock the huge doors that sit at spots like Artillery.

Even though it might seem like a pretty useful idea, it’s unlikely that Respawn decides to drop a change any soon, especially seeing as they changed Crypto’s drone to be able to ping banners at the start of season five.