Cheeky Apex Legends Lifeline trick creates a perfect death trap

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Finding the best ways to use each character’s abilities in Apex Legends is crucial to your success, and for Lifeline mains there’s a trick you’re going to want to know about: her Care Package can also be a death trap. 

Unlike other battle royale games like Fortnite, which has previously implemented real trap features for players to use in the form of items, Apex Legends players have always had to get creative.

The deadly Caustic trap of seasons gone by was not especially surprising, as the Toxic Trapper is known for throwing independent variables all over the battlefield to gas out his enemies.

However, for a more supportive Legend such as Lifeline – with her Care Package, Combat Revive, and D.O.C Heal Drone – you might not expect this Legend to be one for traps. Well, you would be wrong to make that assumption.

How to create a trap in Apex Legends with Lifeline

apex legends season 9 lifeline
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Lifeline’s Care Package can actually be a nightmare for your enemies.

Over on TikTok, a clip showing teams fighting on Kings Canyon, the original Apex Games map, has gone viral with nearly 160,000 likes.

Phenomenal_gaming was playing alone in Duos after finding an enemy squad, which fired in their direction immediately. With minimal health, the player called in their ultimate ability, the Care Package, right next to a staircase for a nearby building.

After accepting that they were about to be knocked down, the Lifeline darted underneath the staircase and was struck down.

(Trick can be seen in the TikTok below. If it doesn’t load, click here). 

As the squad came over to loot up their body they realized that the Care Package had actually trapped them into the tight spot – leaving them to die as the circle comes in, or for a team that may pass by.

These outside staircases are a feature of many Apex Legends maps, meaning the trick can be performed on World’s Edge, Storm Point, and others.

While it might not be ideal for those who are last alive, if you’re one member of a team and others are still alive, this could be a perfect way to make sure you take enemies down with you after being eliminated.

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