How to counter Wraith & Ash portals with Loba in Apex Legends

Alex Garton
Apex Legends Loba Ultimate
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A useful trick has been discovered for Loba that allows her to counter and destroy Wraith & Ash portals in Apex Legends.

Unlike Caustic and Crypto, Loba didn’t receive any changes in the Defiance update and is currently sitting as the thirteenth most popular Legend in the game.

Despite her relatively low pick rate, the Translocating Thief does have a dedicated group of mains within the community that has mastered her kit completely.

As a result, useful interactions and tricks are always being discovered by Apex players, and a new one involving Loba’s Ultimate had made her the perfect counter against Ash and Wraith portals.

Apex Legends Loba destroy portal
Respawn Entertainment
Loba has a 3.4% pick rate in Season 12.

Loba Ultimate counters Ash & Wraith portals

Showcased by Apex Legends YouTuber 1800-Prez, a new interaction has been discovered involving Loba’s Ultimate that allows her to destroy portals.

The trick is incredibly easy to execute and just requires players to place Loba’s Black Market on top of a portal opening. This will immediately shut the portal down and kick any players out who were traveling through it.

It’s hard to know whether this interaction has been deliberately added to the game, or it’s a bug that has arrived with a past update.

Either way, a lot of the community are calling for the trick to be left in the title as it gives Loba mains a useful counter against Wraith & Ash.

While this trick definitely won’t cause Loba’s pick rate to skyrocket, it is a useful interaction that can be used both aggressively and defensively.

Whether it’s closing down your own Wraith’s portal to stop a set of enemies chasing or destroying the portal of an opposing squad to stop them from traveling the full distance, it’s certainly a trick worth having up your sleeve.

However, with no clarification that it’s even meant to be in the game, it’s possible Respawn opt to remove it in the near future.