Broken Apex Legends exploit makes some Crypto skins unkillable

. 4 months ago
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Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment have been urged to fix a terrible Apex Legends glitch that is being exploited by Crypto mains, where some of his skins cannot be killed. 

Crypto was handed a buff in the Season 12 update, which was rolled out on February 8, though there was nothing noted in the patch notes about powers of invincibility – because it’s not supposed to happen.

With that said, players are reporting serious problems with the Surveillance Expert.

Apex Legends Crypto skin makes some skins invincible

Apex Legends Crypto heirloom concept
Respawn Entertainment
Some Crypto skins are glitching so much they cannot be shot.

On March 18, a clip surged up the Apex Legends subreddit showing a situation whereby Crypto cannot be shot at.

User Hunkle1 posted: “Who knew Crypto was so broken?” Alongside the message was a short clip, on Olympus, where a random enemy Crypto was standing in the corner, manually controlling a Drone EMP.

As the Wraith approached the player, it looked as if an easy kill would be claimed – firing repeatedly at him with a Rampage LMG. But, even the headshot bullets didn’t register at all, signaling a problem.

Moments later, Crypto sprung into life and knocked them down.

For a moment, the hacking Legend seemed to have sunken inside the nearby wall, before reappearing to deal damage in an almost invincible manner. Clearly, this was an unfair gunfight and showed the enemy exploiting a glitch.

How it works

One player in the comments was all too familiar with the problem. Speaking from experience, user MirkwoodRS said: “This is intentional bug abuse. There is almost no chance that this bug happens on accident, so the person doing this is most likely using it on purpose to gain an advantage.”

To avoid encouraging more players to exploit the bug, they were vague in their explanation.

“In order to do this, one of the masked Crypto skins (like the one in the video) must be equipped. The Crypto that is attempting to use the bug must time something as death protection from a Revenant totem is running out,” they added.

apex legends crypto wattson
Respawn Entertainment
Some Crypto skins are causing issues in Apex Legends Season 12.

“It basically just bugs a lot of Crypto’s animations and makes him very difficult to hit so he’ll look like he’s in the floor, sliding around, t-posing, etc…”

At the time of writing, the glitch has not been flagged by Respawn Entertainment as a glitch to be fixed imminently – according to their Apex Legends Trello board.

However, members of the community will be crossing their fingers for a resolution shortly.

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