Bizzare Apex Legends glitch is trapping players mid-jump


An Apex Legends fan has stumbled upon a strange new bug that disrupts their landing routine on World’s Edge by keeping them up in the sky.

Apex Legends season three has helped breath new life into Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale with the release of a brand-new map – World’s Edge – as well as the long-awaited legend, Crypto.

Players have been getting used to their new surroundings and shifts in the game’s meta since the season’s release on October 1st, but it hasn’t been completely smooth sailing. We’ve seen issues with using health kits, reviving teammates, and even just getting into a playable lobby.

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Yet, as the excitement and hype builds towards season four – which is set to drop over the holiday period – strange, nagging problems still remain. 

Respawn EntertainmentThe long-awaited Crypto joined Apex Legends with the start of season three.

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In a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, user AzThaBoss showcased a video from a recent match where, as they were dropping in, their jump was disrupted by the game itself.

As the Redditor and a teammate tried to soar over a tall structure by Thermal Plant, they were held up and unable to land. Instead, while their teammate carried on, the duo were suspended above the tower in the landing animation before being placed back into their drop.

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While the glitch was quite bizarre, it wasn’t completely game-breaking as AzThaBoss and their friend were able to get back on track in an attempt to get reunited with their third teammate.

However, they had no explanation for what had happened and were left seeing if anyone else had, unfortunately, run into the issue.

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As of writing, no other responses suggested that they had so it’s unknown if this is a widespread issue or just something that AzThaBoss ran into. 

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The Respawn development do, however, monitor the subreddit for bugs and similar issues so they could very well be aware of the problem and have a fix for it in no time.

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