Apex Legends

Bizarre Apex Legends bug lets Loba teleport under the map

by Alan Bernal


A strange bug has been discovered in Apex Legends that lets Loba use her Burglar’s Best Friend tactical ability to teleport under World’s Edge.

The underground Supply Bins located at the train stops have an interesting mechanic that is used to elevate the crates when the locomotive pulls up to a station. This makes the once-inaccessible bins come to the same plane as players, letting them open the loot crates.


However, even if a bin is locked underground, the High Society Thief still has a way to access its contents by using her Black Market Boutique ultimate to sift through the wares and grab what she wants.

Well user ‘KingDududu’ found that once she does get into the underground Supply Bins, the lid of it protrudes and glitches through the Arena’s floor. But Loba can also use this opening to etch her way under the map using her teleportation bracelet.


There are secret Supply Bins in Apex Legends that reveal themselves when the train comes by.

“We found a weird glitch where if Loba uses her ult to grab something out of the train supply bins, it opens and allows you to teleport inside,” they said.

The player’s clip shows their team of three reeling from seeing Loba crouched on top of the loot crate while the Supply Bin’s platform has yet to be activated.

While the video only shows the Legend stationary and crouched to remain hidden, it also shows her shooting her bracelet out of the underground box to get back into the action.


If a player using Loba comes across one of these opened Supply Bins underground, it could give her the ability to ditch incoming attackers or lie in wait to ambush an unsuspecting opponent.

This would be one of those bugs that Respawn work to patch quickly, like they did with the glitch that didn’t let the Burglar’s Best Friend bracelet work in certain scenarios throughout the Arena.

Although this time Loba’s ultimate also contributes to the glitch so the devs might have to address a couple of different elements to fix this one.


In either case, watch out for any suspicious Supply Bins poking out from the ground in Apex Legends, 'cause there could be a Loba prowling underneath.