Apex Legends: Who is Nomad? Everything we know about unreleased character

Apex Legends looks set to add brand new legend to kick off Season 3 and while a number of options leaked already, let’s take a look at everything we know about the mysterious Nomad character.

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The other possibilities are Crypto and Rosie. The former was spotted in the Season 2 trailer, meaning he’s most likely – see everything we know about Crypto here.

Rosie also has potential and we already have some idea of her lore and abilities too, but Nomad is an even more mysterious and intriguing character.

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This our only image of Nomad so far, leaked from the Apex Legends game files.
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Who is Nomad?

Of all three of the leaked characters, we know the least about Nomad’s lore and backstory. The first hints we had about Nomad “technology” were highlighted on various other skins added to Apex Legends.

This Reddit post from u/FrozenFroh points out the links between various Apex Legends skins and the unreleased Nomad legend.

u/FrozenFrohVarious Nomad hints have been dropped on past Apex Legends skins.
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What are Nomad’s abilities?

We know all of Nomad’s abilities way ahead of schedule, thanks to leaker That1MiningGuy. Given that the character is still in development, some of these could be subject to change.

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  • Passive: Packmule – “Nomad and his teammates have additional backpack space.”
  • Tactical: Loot Compass – “Follow the loot compass to the nearest item.”
  • Ultimate: Crafting Table – Place a crafting table down. Scrap salvageable material and purchase items.”

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When will Nomad be added to Apex Legends?

Since Crypto was teased in the Season 2: Battle Charge trailer, it seems most likely that he will be the third new legend added to Kings Cayon.

Rosie is said to be tied-in to Crypto’s lore, too, meaning that it would perhaps make chronological sense if she is added next, after Crypto. Nomad is still a mystery, but game files relating to the character have been found from as far back as Apex Legends’ launch in February.

Season 3 is expected to launch in October, and then Season 4 presumably early 2020. So far, Respawn has only added one new legend each season, and if they continue this, then it could be a considerable wait before we see Nomad. However, it’s possible the developers start releasing legends more frequently, after all, they have been criticized for a lack of new content.

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