Apex Legends v1.2 update gave Mirage an insane hidden buff

Respawn Entertainment

Since the game came out Apex Legends players have been wanting Mirage’s ultimate to work without its dead giveaways, and it looks like they got what they want in a big way.

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Respawn Entertainment has quenched their fan base’s thirst for new content when they launched a major update to their game on June 4 with the v1.2 patch.

While that patch introduced an incredible new limited-time event, it also did a lot to fix some of the more burgeoning problems that players have been finding throughout the game since it released.

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Respawn EntertainmentMirage players have been pleasantly surprised with what the v1.2 update has brought.

One of those problems lied in the underwhelming Mirage ultimate Vanishing Act that’s used to “deploy a team of Decoys to distract enemies while you cloak.”

Even though it worked like it’s description, the invisibility part always left players wanting more out of the ability since Mirage was still readily seen if a player looked close enough.

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Now players are loving the new change that “fixed (a) bug where cloaked Mirage was too noticeable,” and it’s been working in a major way.

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“Mirage ult is REALLY good now,” Reddit user ‘ThundeeringClaaws’ said. “The ult bugfix is a huge buff, it makes him completely invisible now! It makes you entirely invisible, no obvious outline or anything, they called it a bugfix but it’s a MASSIVE buff…”

Players were a bit confused when they first encountered the new bug fix and were impressed with how the change has made Mirage live up to his name as the “Holographic Trickster.”

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“That is INSANE,” Reddit user ‘penguin_shit13’ said. “It’s funny because I completely forgot about it being buffed the first time I used it and I was in a situation where I just knew I was going to get killed.. but the damn Bangalore walked right past me.. I had probably 10 hp.. and blasted her in the back with a peacekeeper a few seconds later.”

Respawn EntertaimentTime will tell if the new buff will let Mirage stand with more popular legends in the game.

How to counter Mirage’s new buff

It looks like Mirage mains are amped that the new patch is going to give them a better way of causing mayhem, but to even out the scales there are things to look out for when the Trickster goes invisible.

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Players trying to defend against Mirage’s ult should have an ear out for when he activates his Vanishing Act. Once the sound queue goes off, it’ll be difficult but pay attention to the floor as he’ll still kick up dust and water depending on the terrain.

Mirage players will no doubt have a lot of fun in the near future now that his ultimate has given them a refined edge over their opponents.

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