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Apex Legends • Jun 05, 2019

Apex Legends players baffled by mysterious fifth inventory slot

Apex Legends players baffled by mysterious fifth inventory slot
Respawn Entertainment / EA Games

One beady-eyed Apex Legends fan spotted a fifth wearable item slot in the game's user interface, prompting players to question what it could be used for.


Apex Legends recently saw its The Legendary Hunt event go live, after days of speculation as to what it could entail.

The event update brought double XP days, the Apex Elite Queue, rare skins, and more to the game, but one eagle-eyed player spotted an unusual addition - a fifth wearable item slot.

Respawn Entertainment / EA Games
There are usually only four inventory slots.


Reddit user ‘SupaSnipaX’ posted a screenshot of the fifth slot on the official Apex subreddit, which caused fans to go wild with speculation as to what it could be used for.

“Grabby hands gloves. Extends pick up range but only if a teammate is trying to get it too,” one user replied. “100% Melee weapon. New loot type. Calling it now. For SURE! They talked about melee weapons in the patch notes,” another individual speculated, taking the recent patch notes into consideration.

The most hilarious answer comes from just1nsfw, stating, “That new slot is going to be for carrying your teammates.”

It’s unknown as to whether the additional slot is a glitch or not, but so far it seems like it could be a legitimate leak.


Season Two - Everything we know

Respawn recently announced that they're revealing more details on Season Two at the EA Play 2019 event on June 8.

But what we do know is that there will be a new and improved Battle Pass with daily and weekly challenges, and reduced level-up times compared to the previous one.

A new Legend has also been teased, as well as new weapons, and more map points of interests.

Apex will have a double XP weekend starting June 7 through June 10 to prepare players before the new pass drops.

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