Apex Legends trailer reveals two new gold weapons for Season 5


Eagle-eyed Apex Legends fans have spotted gold versions of the R-99 SMG and Spitfire in the Meet Loba trailer, fueling speculation that they could be the new weapons in season five.

With season four at its end, Apex Legends fans have been digging through all the new trailers and hype for season five in the hopes of uncovering new changes before Respawn announces them. 

Some have already spotted multiple ultimate charging stations – outside of the two obvious spots that were shown in the gameplay trailer. Yet, the newer trailer, revealing Loba’s abilities and in-game animations, may have revealed two brand-new golden weapons for season five. 

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Respawn Entertainment
Loba is Apex Legends’ new character for season five.

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With the trailer finally confirming Loba’s set of abilities, her much speculated on ultimate – Black Market Boutique – was revealed, allowing her and her teammates to steal two pieces of loot each from within a certain range.

As the ability was demonstrated, eagle-eyed fans noted that Gibraltar had picked up a gold version of a Spitfire – something that hasn’t been released in previous seasons. 

On top of that, as Loba is selecting her item and picking up the Kraber, a gold R-99 SMG can also be spotted in the top right-hand corner of the menu. Again, like the Spitfire, this is completely new. 

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Timestamp of 0:55 for mobile users

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With their inclusion in the trailer, fans believe that all signs point to these golden weapons being used in season five. In previous seasons, five different weapons have been rotated into golden versions with the HAVOC, P2020, Prowler, Sentinel, and R-301 Carbine being used in season four. 

If the Spitfire and R-99 are the first two golden weapons for season five, that would leave an additional three spots to be filled. However, as Respawn hasn’t yet dropped their patch notes and confirmed the new additions, we’ll just have to wait and see if they hold up once the update for the new season is released.

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